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The minimum requirement to teach English abroad is a 120-hour TESOL certification course. OnTESOL offers the best TESOL training in online and blended formats. Qualify for professional teaching jobs and get free job assistance after completing your TESOL course!

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Reviews From Graduates Abroad:

Teach English abroad with TESOL certification

“Everyday is an adventure. If you can’t speak the local language, you might have some interesting experiences or challenges. Working at an ESL school, you’ll have a base of friendly foreign co-workers that can help you navigate. Also, the compensation is very good in Japan. There are a range of jobs available; from private tutoring, corporate classes to university lectures. Read Carol’s Full Review

Get certified to teach English abroad with an accredited TESOL certificationThe greatest lesson I have learned overseas is to be patient. This means being patient with other people and with yourself. It is important to understand the needs of your schools and students and understand what is appropriate in each setting before trying to implement any project. Read Electra’s Story

The best TESOL certification for teaching abroadThe TESOL course itself was challenging and informative. I’ve been teaching for a few years now, and I hadn’t realized how much I didn’t know about the English language. The course materials were fantastic and very readable and well organized. The testing and assignments were also very well organized and provided a seamless transition from one topic to the next, always integrating and building upon the previous chapter. Read Jasmine’s Full Story

3 Reasons to Choose OnTESOL:

  • Online and Blended TESOL Courses

    Convenient and flexible TESOL training. Study from your home computer or tablet. Options for in-class Practicum and weekend in-class courses available for OnTESOL graduates.

  • Trusted by Employers Worldwide

    We work with some of the best employers in the world to help you find the job of your dreams.  Some of the programs we work with are Gaba Japan, GVE Online, English First China, Montessori Beijing, TSETA Thailand, Korean Horizons, VIPKID, AMSLINK Vietnam, Hadstart in Hong Kong and many more!

  • Internationally Recognized Since 2003

    OnTESOL offers the highest level of TESOL training in North America and the United Kingdom.  The online TESOL courses offered by OnTESOL will prepare you to teach English all throughout the world.

    One of the challenges of teaching abroad is that textbooks are outdated and some programs cannot even afford a textbook. Your lesson planning skills are key to having a good experience abroad!

    Our TESOL courses will teach you how to use the various aspects of the Communicative Language Teaching method, so you can improve the curriculum with lessons that your students will love!