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Work From Home and Make Your Own Schedule

Teaching English online is a popular option for both entry-level and experienced English as a Second Language (ESL) teachers looking to earn a full-time or part-time income working from the comfort of their home.

There are thousands of jobs available! Certified ESL teachers are eligible to work for online ESL companies with established curriculum or offer private online ESL lessons through marketplace platforms or their own website.

Those who teach English online are able to set their own schedule, work as many or as little hours as they choose, and work from anywhere in the world with a good internet connection!

Online English teaching jobs are perfect for stay-at home parents who need a stable income, new TESOL graduates who want to gain some teaching experience before going abroad, or expats who need a well-paying job while traveling abroad.

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Why Teach English Online?

Work From Home

Work flexible hours from the comfort of your home and earn between US$500 to US$3000 a month depending on the hours that you choose to work.  By setting your own hours as online English teacher, you will be able to gain full control of your life-work balance and eventually, you will learn to enjoy the shortest commute in the world!

No Experience Required

You can start your online English teaching job even if you do not have any previous teaching experience. If you have a Bachelor degree, a good level of English (Native speaker or IELTS 7+), and a TESOL or TEFL Certificate, you can get an online teaching job starting at US$20/hour.

Full-Time and Part-Time Jobs Available

There are no minimum hours you have to work per week and you choose your own available time slots. You may choose to work 20 hours a week or 7 hours depending on your own preference

Teaching English online is also a great way for experienced ESL teachers in their home country or abroad to work extra part-time hours for up to $25/hour!

Teaching English Online Certificate

20-hour specialist for TESOL or TEFL certified teachers. Upgrade your TESOL or TEFL certificate with OnTESOL’s specialist course for online English teachers. This online specialist course will prepare you for teaching with online ESL schools and designing your own online ESL class.

Don’t have a TESOL or TEFL certificate? Save CA$199 / US$150 on the 20-hour Teaching English Online course when you register in the online 120-hour course offered by OnTESOL .

Teach English Online Course
20-hour Teaching English Online Certificate

How to Teach English Online

Teaching English Online: How to Get Started

While accepting a job placement abroad is usually a fairly lengthy process complete with interviews, visa procedures, flight bookings, accommodation considerations, and packing up and moving your entire life to another country, teaching English online is a far more simple process. But exactly how does someone start their online career? This OnTESOL Graduate blog will help you get started as an online ESL teacher.

How to Prepare Your Resume for an Online ESL Teaching Job

As home-based online ESL teaching jobs become increasingly more common, ESL companies are giving a lot of effort to recruit and screen new hires. One of the first places this begins is with your resume. This OnTESOL Graduate blog will show you how to prepare your resume for online ESL teaching jobs.

Resume Writing tips for Teaching Online

Applying and Interviewing for Online ESL Teaching Jobs

As online teaching has become increasingly more popular and convenient, the demand for certified ESL teachers is rising. This OnTESOL Graduate blog will show you how to apply and be better prepared for an interview for online ESL teaching positions.

Online ESL Teaching Job Interview

What is the Right Certification for Teaching English Online?

The minimum TESOL / TEFL certification requirement to teach English online is a 120-hour TESOL Certificate; however, aiming for the minimum requirements is not the best option in terms of job opportunities and job satisfaction. For this reason, OnTESOL offers TESOL certification packages with specialist courses to prepare ESL teachers for different classroom situations. Save CA$199 / US$150 on each 20-hour specialist course when you register in the 120-hour advanced TESOL Certificate course.

Most online English teaching jobs consist of teaching English to young kids in the range of 4-12 years old.  The 120-hour TESOL course with the Teaching English to Young Learners (TEYL) specialization is highly recommended for online English teachers because you will get 20 extra hours of training with a special focus on the approaches that you should use when teaching English to children and teenagers.

Teaching English online presents different challenges and considerations versus teaching in a classroom setting. Our 20-hour Teaching English Online specialization course will prepare you for working for an online language school and also teach you the basics to design your online program and help you become your own boss

Why Choose OnTESOL?

Internationally Recognized

Our online TESOL certificate courses are recognized by TESL Canada and ACTDEC UK and will prepare you for every stage in your career. Use your internationally recognized  OnTESOL certificate to apply for ESL teaching jobs online, abroad, and in Native English Speaking countries such as Canada and the United States.

Job Placement Assistance

As well as providing job assistance to those who wish to teach English online, we also provide job assistance to those who wish to teach English abroad! OnTESOL students get full access to the master list with 50+ online ESL companies and the OnTESOL job board to apply for opportunities in the top 20 destinations for English teachers. 

Fully Online – Study at Your Own Pace

Our accredited TESOL courses are fully online and allow you to progress at your own pace. We also offer a live semi-asynchronous option for those who wish to attend Zoom lectures offered by OnTESOL Senior Teacher Trainers and participate in group activities with other students.

Tips and Free Resources for the Online ESL Classroom

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