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Teach English Online

This 10-hour specialist course is perfect for people who are interested in working as an online ESL teacher.

This course focuses on the large job market that caters to k-12 students from China. The methods you will learn in this course can also be applied to any online ESL job that caters to the needs of young learners. However, 80% of all online ESL programs serve k-12 students from China.

Course and Job Requirements:

A TESOL / TEFL / TESL certificate course is recommended before enrolling in this 10-hour specialist program.

Job candidates with Qkids, 51Talk, and/or  VIPKIDS need to have an internationally recognized TESOL / TEFL / TESL certificate of at least 120 hours.  Click below to get certified to teach English online:

Includes Job Assistance for 10,000+ Online Teaching Jobs!

Teach English Online with Qkids

Teach English Online Certificate Course

Certificate Course for Online ESL Teachers

About the Course:

Total Physical Response is the most effective method for teaching English online to young learners. This 10-hour course is a specialist program for TESOL / TEFL/ TESL certified teachers who need extra training on using the Total Physical Response method in an online ESL program. You will also get the opportunity to watch recorded ESL classes offered by VIPKID and 51Talk, and reflect on the teaching methods and activities.


Chapter 1: How to Get Started Teaching English Online
Chapter 2: Using Total Physical Response for Teaching English Online
Chapter 3: Total Physical Response with Online ESL Students
Chapter 4: Total Physical Response Techniques for Online ESL Teachers
Chapter 5: Free Tutorial by Online ESL School
Chapter 6: How to Master Behavior Management in the Online Classroom
Chapter 7: Dealing with Parents
Chapter 8: A Recruiter’s Guide to Getting Your Dream Teaching Job

Assignment: You will have to submit a 1,000 word reflection essay for your final assignment.

Duration: You will have a maximum of 2 months to complete this course.

Tuition: $39. Fee includes course material and 10-hour TESOL / TEFL endorsement by OnTESOL. Certificate for this course is provided electronically.