Certificate Verification

To protect the authenticity of OnTESOL certificates, employers and immigration offices can verify the teacher’s credentials using the form below. We will send you an e-mail confirmation within 24 business hours to provide you with information about the type of certificate, number of hours, and mark.

If you are an OnTESOL graduate, you do not need to verify your own certificate.

*Certificates issued before July of 2018 do not have a verification code. You may still complete and submit the rest of the form.

Note: This service is only for employers and immigration officials .You will not receive an answer if the certificate was not issued by OnTESOL or Coventry House International.

Verify Certificate

3 + 0 = ?

If you need further assistance verifying a student’s certificate, please contact us at: +1 416 929 0227 or via e-mail at info@ontesol.com