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World-Renowned TEFL / TESOL Online Since 2003!

In partnership with Toronto-based Coventry House International, OnTESOL adapted Coventry’s Trinity CertTESOL and TESL Canada in-class syllabus to offer quality online TESOL / TESL / TEFL certification courses that are recognized for English teaching jobs in Canada, online and abroad.

The 120-hour TESOL Certificate offers the same level of training in adult TESOL theory and methodology training as an in-class Trinity CertTESOL or CELTA course. The 168-hour Hybrid TEFL Certificate combines the advanced 120-hour with additional live training and our most popular specialist courses. The 250-hour TESOL Diploma is highly recommended for experienced ESL teachers looking to further their career.

OnTESOL further developed the first of its kind live 10-hour Lesson Planning Workshop and its own set of specialist courses for those planning to teach English in specific classroom situations such as young learners, Business English, IELTS Preparation Courses, and online.

Institutionally Accredited By:

OnTESOL is Accredited by ACCET

Recognized By:

Our Quality Online TESOL / TEFL Certification Courses Include:

  • World-renowned Textbook (Printable / Online / Mobile)
  • Lab Assignments to Teach You Advanced Lesson Planning Skills
  • Tutor Feedback and Support
  • Video Tutorials
  • Recorded ESL Lessons for Class Observation
  • Interactive Practice Quizzes to Keep You Engaged and Monitor Your Progress
  • NEW Lab Preparation Videos
  • NEW FAQ Videos
  • NEW Live Workshops
  • NEW TEFL / TESOL Job Board
  • Lifetime Job Assistance
  • Optional In-Class Practicum

How Do the OnTESOL Courses Work?

1. Self-Paced Asynchronous and Semi-synchronous Live Options

The main benefit of studying TEFL / TESOL online is that you can take the time you need to grasp all the concepts in the TESOL course.

Each module will open in sequence as your progress through the course. You will pass the course and receive your TEFL / TESOL certificate after passing all the assignments and exams. We don’t count the time you take to study each module and there aren’t any limits on each module (The only time limit is the course deadline). The self-paced asynchronous format offers you more flexibility to study from the textbook and videos, review previous feedback, ask questions to your tutor, and submit your assignments when you are ready.

NEW! 10-hour Live Lesson Planning Workshop: Add the live workshop to your online TESOL / TEFL course to attend live Zoom lectures, ask questions, and participate in group activities with other trainees in preparation for the lesson plan assignments. The live workshop is included in the 168-hour Hybrid TEFL Certificate course (Save 35% with this online TESOL / TEFL bundle!).

2. Get Personalized Tutor Support

A personal tutor will be assigned to mark your lesson planning assignments, provide you with feedback, and answer your questions.

All our tutors are approved by TESL Canada. You can contact your online TESOL / TEFL tutor through your student portal at any time to ask questions related to the course materials or to request more feedback on your lesson plan assignments. Our format allows you to take the time you need to engage in an academic conversation with your tutor until you understand the material and you are comfortable with submitting the next assignment.

3. Complete a Teaching Practice Module Anywhere in the World

You can complete a separate Practicum module anywhere in the world after the online TESOL course. In this module, you will get to observe real classes and also teach classes with real ESL students. There isn’t any deadline to complete this module, so you can graduate with a TEFL / TESOL certificate and upgrade your credentials when you are ready.

Why Study TEFL / TESOL Online with OnTESOL?

The lesson planning skills that English teachers learn in a quality TESOL, TESL, TEFL course will have long-lasting impacts on their careers. Knowing how to use industry standard lesson planning frameworks such as Presentation- Practice-Production (PPP), Engage Study Activate (ESA), Task-based Learning (TBL), and Test-Teach-Test (TTT) is a vital skill to adapt to any classroom situation in the world. For this reason, a quality TESOL certification course should teach you to supplement the ESL textbook or create full ESL lesson plans from scratch.

While there are hundreds of other online TESOL / TEFL / TESL courses offered worldwide, most courses provide basic introductory knowledge through semi or fully automated assignments instead of practical skills through advanced lesson planning assignments with feedback from an approved and experienced teacher trainer.

At OnTESOL, our mission is to provide trainees the skills they need to become reflective, adaptive, and independent English teachers. Our TESL Canada-recognized and CELTA-equivalent online TESOL / TEFL courses offer practical lab assignments that require trainees to complete detailed, step-by-step lesson plans using various frameworks.

The internationally recognized online TESOL / TEFL courses offered by OnTESOL include tutor feedback and support, all the required textbooks, and a wide variety of videos for trainees to watch at their own pace. For those who prefer a more interactive and live experience, OnTESOL offers additional workshop-style live lectures via Zoom. Add the live workshops separately to the 120-hour online TESOL course or enroll in the 168-hour TEFL bundle to save 35%.

Furthermore, OnTESOL graduates can take a separate Practicum module in Canada or Stand-Alone anywhere in the world to upgrade their credentials with certified teaching experience.

Last but not least, OnTESOL offers free job assistance, including a master list of schools, resume support, and job board.


Our online TESOL courses are recognized by TESL Canada and TESL Ontario. This means that you can use your OnTESOL certificate to teach English in Canada, receive Government of Canada authentication to apply for the work visa required for jobs abroad, or apply for online teaching jobs.

Study for your TEFL / TESOL certification at your own pace:

Set your own schedule with OnTESOL. Receive a TEFL / TESOL certification that is valid for jobs at language schools in North America, internationally, or online.    

Study from the comfort of your home or on the go:

Use any computer, tablet, or mobile device to study TEFL / TESOL online with OnTESOL.

Save on your TEFL / TESOL course:

The average in-class 120-hour TESOL certification course costs CA$2,000 / US $1,500. The recognized online TESOL courses offered by OnTESOL start at CA$650 / US$489.

Which Online TESOL / TEFL Certification Course is Best for Me?

As a recognized TESL Canada course provider, all our online TESOL / TEFL certification courses are valid for ESL teaching positions in Canada, the United States, internationally, and online.

The Advanced 120-hour TESOL Certificate program is perfect for candidates who need to meet job requirements with a recognized TESOL certification course. This online TESOL course is recommended for candidates who are pressed with time and are comfortable with asynchronous learning.

Better than CELTA! The 168-hour Hybrid TEFL Certificate program offers all the benefits of an intensive in-class course with a semi-synchronous format. This online TESOL / TEFL course is recommended for candidates who want to attend live classes with other peers via Zoom and receive extra credits on teaching young learners, teaching online, and teaching in foreign countries.

The 250-hour TESOL Diploma program is offered for experienced ESL teachers looking to upgrade their initial TESOL / TEFL qualification.


The general requirement for ESL teaching jobs is a Bachelor degree and an accredited 120-hour TESOL, TESL, or TEFL certificate.

The Advanced 120-hour TESOL Certificate offered by OnTESOL is as advanced as a CELTA or Trinity CertTESOL course. This 120-hour course includes 3 practical lesson plan lab assignments. While most other online TESOL / TEFL courses cover lesson planning in an introductory manner, OnTESOL trainees are required to complete detailed lesson plans during assignments to support their development as reflective and adaptive teachers. (Read: What’s the Difference Between OnTESOL and Other Online TEFL courses?)

Choose Your TEFL / TESOL Course


For entry-level, gap year abroad, K-12, language schools, International Schools, IELTS Preparation Courses and Business English teaching jobs, we recommend combining your online TESOL / TEFL course with one or more 20-hour online specialists. Save CA$199 / US$150 on each 20-hour online specialist when you register to study TESOL online with OnTESOL.

Most popular package with 3 specialists: 168-hour Hybrid TEFL Certificate