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250-hour TESOL Diploma + Practicum
I took the online course and completed the practicum afterwards. I took this course after teaching in Korea for over 6 years. I expected to gain little, thinking that after being in the classroom for over six years, they probably couldn’t tell me too many new things. Boy, was I wrong! I can’t believe the difference between my classes now and in the past. I am enjoying teaching even more and my students are responding to my new techniques. Not to mention that they are talking so much more. We’re all being so productive. The work was hard, but the lessons, assignments, exams, and in-class teaching were unbelievably helpful. I can honestly say that when I studied a lesson at night, I could take what I learned and apply it with great results the next day. Not to mention the great support and feedback you get from your tutor. I will always be thankful for the advice, patience, and influence she gave me. Thank you again! I highly recommend this course to anyone with a love for teaching English. Cheers!

Jason Baker


250-hour TESOL Diploma

I have really enjoyed the whole ONTESOL experience. I spent a long time researching different online courses and the ONTESOL course was the most comprehensive. I had no prior teaching experience and felt that this was a good way to get an insight into what TESL is all about without having to commit myself to perhaps a year or more of formal teacher training. I feel that the course has a balanced approach to different teaching techniques and the Grammar and Phonology modules are well thought out and detailed.

My tutor, Carl, was incredibly dedicated and responded quickly to my many questions, even when I interrupted his weekends. His answers were always concise and instructive as well encouraging and I really feel that I have learnt a lot, both from the course and from Carl´s comments and guidance. For anyone new to teaching who can’t afford to have a sudden career change by going back to college full-time, I think this course will be entirely suitable, especially as it provides the practicum option which will provide the full “teaching experience”. I can’t wait to put it all into practice.

Elizabeth Doherty

United Kingdom

TESOL Certificate
I was very pleased with the whole experience. The grammar and phonology modules were great in-depth reviews. The methodology module was an excellent step-by-step guide of how to plan a lesson. I have a better understanding of how students learn and feel much better prepared now to teach a class. My tutor, Aaron Marques, gave very insightful comments from his personal teaching experience. He was a great tutor, always responded quickly and like I said, gave very insightful comments and was always very encouraging. He really made the program! Ontesol was a great course for me as it gave me the flexibility to work from home and in my own hours.

Monika Robertson

United States

TESOL Certificate
I really enjoyed it and I learned a lot. My tutor was very helpful in working with my concepts and simply teaching me how to improve on my assignments. All my questions were always answered. This has been a fantastic experience.



250-hour TESOL Diploma
I found this online course to be incredibly helpful. I liked the fact that it was so hands on and that it gave me so much practice with designing different kinds of lesson plans. I also liked the course’s emphasis on grammar and phonology, which are areas of teaching that many TEFL teachers don’t know much about but are extremely important nonetheless.

Justin DeFerbrache

United States

TESOL Certificate
Before beginning the TESOL program I assumed it would be a no-brainer, upon beginning I realized I would have to put a bit of effort into this in order to receive my TESOL certification. Upon finishing the program my self-esteem has been boosted like I never imagined. My tutor Danielle was great, a true asset to ONTESOL. I highly recommend this program! A+

Tammy Schmidt


TESOL Diploma + Practicum
Thank you so much for giving me such a wonderful experience. Teachers were nice and patient. I treasure my learning experience at Ontesol.


Hong Kong

TESOL Certificate
I really enjoyed taking this course. My instructor did an excellent job with advice and suggestions. He clearly knows his stuff. The course material has exactly what I was looking for: good explanations, lots of examples and quality information. Maybe it’s just a 100hr class, but I feel like I’ve got a good foundation to dive into ESL teaching. Thanks for everything!

Charles McDougal

United States

TESOL Certificate
The tutor was so helpful and gave very useful comments on my work. The assignments were excellent and very practical because they gave me good practice in creating my own lesson plans. The TESOL course has definitely given me more confidence in planning lessons and conducting English classes.

Luke Eastman


I live in a rural area, and knew that unless I wanted to drive more that 100 miles to the closest city to gain my TESOL certificate, online was a better choice. However, I was overwhelm by the numerous online sites that offered TESOL certificates. So I spent weeks searching and doing research to find the best online training program. ONTESOL was the best choice by far based on price, curriculum, professional assistants and tutors, and most importantly -internationally recognized accreditation! I thank ONTESOL for giving me peace-of-mind knowing I am well prepared with my TESOL and TEYL certificate!

Joseph Davis

United States

250-hour TESOL Diploma + Practicum +  TEYL

Thank you for the course. I have been trying to apply for jobs since I finished the practicum. I got a positive review from one of the Universities that I applied to. They confirmed that your school’s TESOL Diploma is internationally recognized. I am really happy and excited about this.

One of the main reasons I enrolled for the course is to enhance my career. The course has been wonderful and I really enjoyed every bit of it. I would not have been able to achieve this without your guidance and encouragement. I just want to say thank you to everybody at Ontesol for your good work. I will surely recommend the course to my friends and colleges.

Shawn Obisesan


TESOL Certificate
The online TESOL course was exactly what I was looking for. The content and curriculum was suited perfectly for the type of teaching that I will be doing oversees. The course was structured very well and enabled me to work at my pace and on my own time. My tutor was always willing to share advice and help me with all my questions and inquiries. When I sent an e-mail to my tutor, she was very diligent in getting back to me very quickly. I highly recommend this course.

Jason Klassen


I have been taught by a very dedicated and enthusiastic teacher whom I hope someday to become. I am taking with me a lot of ideas, sound knowledge of grammar and phonology for my future career as an ESL teacher


ESL Teacher

TESOL Certificate

I decided to get my TESOL certificate after teaching English for a couple of years to help with finding a new job. As I am still presently working, I was not able to afford enough time to go to a brick and mortar school to get my certificate.

When I was looking for an online provider for my TESOL certificate, there were hundreds of companies and schools which offered courses and even a few that offered a certificate just by paying a lower one time fee. I wanted to find an online school that was reputable and had high standards for their students. I spent weeks doing research on online TESOL schools. Time after time and day after day, my searching started to keep leading back to OnTesol.

Stuart MacArthur

South Korea

Teaching with the JET

Programme in Japan

Teaching TESOL

in Germany


in South Korea


in the United Arab Emirates