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The articles in this blog are written by OnTESOL trainers and graduates,
who share their experience abroad and in the classroom.

Teaching English Abroad

Find real life stories, tips, recommendations from current experienced OnTESOL graduates teaching English abroad! What to expect, how to get started, and how to excel in the classroom!

Teaching English in Ecuador: Q&A with Our Newly TESOL Certified Teacher

Embarking on a journey as an ESL teacher can lead you to extraordinary places, both geographically a…

TEFL in Madrid

Teaching English in Madrid

Teaching English in Madrid for My Second Experience Abroad Madrid is not my first experience teachin…

Hong Kong TESOL Jobs

6 Classroom Management Tips for Teaching Large Multi-level ESL Classes in Hong Kong

Teaching English to large, multi-level classes is the norm in Hong Kong. When you are in charge of t…

Teaching Resources for the ESL Classroom

Free resources for the ESL Classroom: Activities & Games, Lesson Plans, Classroom Management, Teaching Different Levels, and more…

Supplementing The ESL Textbook in Madagascar

I have been teaching English for over 2 years in north-western Madagascar. I was hired by a large aq…

Teaching reading: skimming and scanning

How to Plan Extensive Reading Lessons

Extensive reading lessons are useful to supplement the ESL textbook with authentic material for a me…

Teaching Listening Skills ESL

TEFL Tips for Planning Receptive Skills Lessons

Our life is largely taken up with receiving information from outside sources, most of which enters o…

Teaching English Online:

5 ESL Companies to Teach English Online in 2023

There are many advantages to becoming an online ESL teacher. You can earn extra income from your hom…

How to stay organized teaching English online

Teaching ESL Remotely: 5 Tips for Mental and Physical Health

Working remotely has been a dream of mine for many years. I recently relocated back to Canada after …

Looking to Become an ESL Teacher? Teach English Online to Test The Waters!

I first looked into becoming an ESL teacher while still in university. The popular idea of travellin…

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