TESL Canada Practicum Requirements

Practicum – Teaching Practice

This module is intended for those who need to have teaching experience. You can choose whether or not to take the teaching practice module. We advise you to take this module since it is a very important aspect of teaching a language. However, there are many teachers who already have experience and others who are planning to teach abroad and teaching practice or experience is not required by their future employer.

If you are planning to apply to TESL Canada for their Professional Standard 1/2 certification, you must complete the practicum portion of the course. We advise you to check their website for updated requirements (www.tesl.ca).

TESL Canada Practicum Requirements

  • TESL Canada Standard 1: 10 hours of class observation and 10 hours of teaching practice with adult ESL students of different levels.
  • TESL Canada Standard 2: 30 hours of class observation and 20 hours of teaching practice with adult ESL students of different levels.
  • You will have to submit a lesson plan for each class and a self-assessment sheet. Your supervising tutor will provide you with the material for each lesson as well as guidance.

Candidates can complete the Practicum in any country, whether at an ESL school, community centre that offers ESL classes, LINC program, or TESOL/TEFL institute.

The Practicum must be supervised by a teacher with over 2000 hours of teaching experience and an advanced TESOL/TEFL certificate (TESL Canada, Trinity CertTESOL, CELTA, TESL Ontario, or SIT TESOL). The students who participate in the Practicum must be older than 18.

Practicum Costs

OnTESOL will approve the supervising teacher,  provide the Practicum booklet with guidelines, moderate the reports and lesson plans, and issue the Practicum certificate at no extra cost. Graduates are responsible for finding a qualified teacher who meets the requirements set by TESL Canada.  Since you can complete the Practicum anywhere in the world, costs may vary according to local wages and your relationship with the language school and/or supervising teacher.

Some TESOL institutes offer the Stand-Alone Practicum for a fee. Visit tesl.ca for a list of TESL Canada course providers in different provinces. Ontesol graduates can complete the Practicum with Coventry House International in Toronto. Contact us for fee and availability.

Some language schools in Canada offer the Stand-Alone Practicum to our graduates, but they charge a fee to those who are not going to enter into a working relationship with them.

Ontesol’s Director of Studies must confirm that the Practicum you complete at another school meets TESL Canada’s requirements (even if it is completed at a recognized TESL Canada course provider), as it is Ontesol which will issue the Practicum certificate and transcript. Please do not arrange the Practicum without the approval of Ontesol’s Director of Studies, as TESL Canada may require you to re-do the module if they deem that not all required administrative and academic procedures were followed correctly.

Take the Practicum for free!

Those who are currently teaching in Canada: Your employer asked you to obtain TESL Canada accreditation and will arrange your Practicum.

Those who are seeking employment in Canada: You can obtain a temporary contract with the Advanced TESOL Certificate or the TESOL Diploma under the condition that you obtain TESL Canada accreditation in the near future, so your employer will help you with the Practicum in order to grant you full-time employment status.

Volunteering: A community centre or LINC Program that offers ESL classes to new immigrants and international students is a perfect place for new teachers to complete their practicum and get some extra hours of teaching experience.

Those who are teaching abroad or will travel abroad: There isn’t a deadline to take the Practicum after completing the online TESOL course, so you may take the Practicum at any ESL school in the world with the help of a qualified supervisor before returning to Canada.

The following is a summary of the certifications available to students upon completion of the relevant OnTESOL components.

*TESL Canada certification also requires proof of having earned a university degree.

120-hour Advanced TESOL Certificate120-hour TESOL CertificateN/A
120-hour Advanced TESOL Certificate PLUS 20-hour Practicum120-hour Advanced TESOL Certificate PLUS 20-hour PracticumProfessional Certificate – Standard 1
250-hour TESOL Certificate250-hour TESOL CertificateCert (TM) TESOL (Level 5) / Accredited TeacherN/A
250-hour TESOL Diploma plus Practicum250-hour TESOL Diploma and 50-hour PracticumCert (TM) TESOL (Level 5) / Accredited Teacher + Certificate of Teaching Practice Development in TESOLProfessional Certificate – Standard