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CELTA Certification

What’s The Difference Between CELTA and TEFL / TESOL Certification?

Compare CELTA with TEFL / TESOL to Save $1500+ on Your Teacher Training!

The CELTA certification course developed by University of Cambridge was one of the first TESOL / TESL / TEFL courses for training and certifying English language teachers. As a first-in-industry, the UK-based CELTA course set the international standard for English teacher certification at a minimum of 120 hours with a supervised teaching practice module of 6 hours.

The CELTA course is offered in-class and online. On average, the CELTA certification course costs US$2000.

Today, there are hundreds of ESL teacher training programs and accrediting organizations that are academically equivalent to CELTA.  One of the leading examples is TESL Canada, which was founded in the late 1990’s to accredit ESL teacher training courses offered by Canadian universities and private institutes. TESL Canada Standard 1 certification requires completion of a recognized 120-hour TESOL / TESL / TEFL program with a 20-hour Practicum.

TESL Canada-recognized courses are offered in-class and online. The online courses recognized by TESL Canada start at US$500.

CELTA Certificate

Get Quality TESOL Training for Less!

7 reasons that the online TESOL / TEFL certification courses offered by OnTESOL are equivalent to CELTA:


Grammar and phonology modules


Comprehensive methodology module to teach you all about the Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) method.


Practical lab assignments to teach you the most effective ESL lesson planning frameworks (PPP, ESA, TTT, TBL)



Professional tutor support to provide you extensive feedback on every lesson plan assignment.


Option to complete a supervised Practicum with real ESL students


Free job assistance in the top destinations.

How is OnTESOL Academically Equivalent to CELTA?

OnTESOL offers advanced online TESOL courses similar to a CELTA certification program. There are a few differences in the assessment criteria and Practicum that make OnTESOL a great online alternative to the 4-week CELTA course.

OnTESOL Graduates Acquire Stronger Lesson Planning Skills:

In the online CELTA course, trainees complete lesson plan assignments as preparation for the 6-hour Teaching Practice module. However, the assignments in the online program consist purely of reflection essays.

In the 120-hour, 168-hour and 250-hour online TESOL/TEFL courses offered by OnTESOL, trainees complete between 3 and 7 Lab Assignments to develop detailed lesson plans covering various formats and approaches.

Those who only complete the online portion of the OnTESOL course graduate with the lesson planning skills they need to succeed in their TESOL / TEFL career. Those who complete the separate 20-hour or 50-hour Practicum to qualify for TESL Canada certification, get the opportunity to write more lesson plans and polish their skills with feedback from a qualified supervisor and OnTESOL’s Director of Studies. 

OnTESOL Graduates Get More Teaching Practice Hours:

Putting the CLT lesson plans into practice and receiving feedback from a qualified supervising teacher is what makes the Practicum module a very important portion of a quality TESOL course. Some online courses with blended options offer a 2-day “workshop” style of Practicum with peer trainees and basic coverage of lesson planning. As with CELTA, the Practicum for TESL Canada certification has to be completed in a real classroom situation and the trainee is responsible for planning and delivering the full lesson.

The Teaching Practice component of a CELTA course is 6 hours. The Practicum module is optional and separate for OnTESOL graduates who want to gain supervised teaching experience and qualify for TESL Canada accreditation. The 20-hour Practicum for 120-hour TESOL or 168-hour TEFL graduates includes 10 hours of Class Observation and 10 hours of Teaching Practice. The 50-hour Practicum for 250-hour TESOL graduates includes 30 hours of Class Observation and 20 hours of Teaching Practice. 

How Does OnTESOL Compare with CELTA?

Accredited Online Course Equivalent to CELTA

The Advanced 120-hour TESOL Certificate course offered by OnTESOL is perfect for those who want to teach English abroad, online, or at English immersion programs in North America. The 3 Lab Assignments will prepare you for using standard CLT formats in the adult ESL classroom. Candidates can also choose from four different 20-hour specialists to learn to adapt standard CLT lesson plan formats to K-12, Business English, IELTS, and online ESL lessons. The 120-hour TESOL course is recognized by TESL Canada for their Professional Standard 1 accreditation and is based on the Trinity CertTESOL-approved syllabus developed by Coventry House International for the in-class TESOL course in Toronto.

More Comprehensive than CELTA

The 168-hour Hybrid TEFL Certificate (CAD$400/US$320 OFF) is our most comprehensive course for those who want to teach abroad or remotely! Learn more about lesson planning frameworks with the 10-hour Lesson Planning Workshop and get more value than a standard 4-week CELTA certification course. This course combines the 120-hour course with the live workshop and three specialists on teaching young learners, teaching online, and using resources in foreign countries.

The 250-hour TESOL Diploma course is perfect for experienced ESL teachers who want to go deeper on adult TESOL methodology. The 7 Lab Assignments provide a solid foundation on the application of CLT lesson planning formats for planning curriculum at different ESL levels. Many TESOL Diploma graduates are now working as school directors and IELTS examiners thanks to the skills that they acquired with this program. Get better training and qualify for career advancement opportunities with the advanced TESOL Diploma. This program is recognized by TESL Canada for their Professional Standard 2 certification.

3) A Wide Selection of TEFL Specialists!

OnTESOL offers a wide selection of TEFL specialist courses. Add a 20-hour Teaching English to Young Learners, Teaching Business English, Teaching English Online, or Teaching IELTS specialist course when you register with OnTESOL and save CA$199 / US$140 on each specialist course.

Is OnTESOL Accredited Internationally?

OnTESOL is accredited by ACCET (U.S. Department of Education recognized agency), which sets the institutional standards required for providing quality training in the United States and internationally.