Online TESOL Certification Courses with Optional Teaching Practice for English and K-12 Teachers in the United States

Get your TESOL certification online with OnTESOL and qualify for English teaching jobs in the United States and worldwide. The online TESOL courses offered by OnTESOL will train you to teach English and prepare you for jobs at language academies throughout the United States. The TESOL certification can also be used for teaching English online and teaching English abroad.

Note: CELTA / TEFL / TESOL certification is not equivalent to State-approved Teaching Licenses. For public K-12 school jobs in the United States, the minimum requirement is a state-approved teaching license and/or BA or MA in Education. A TESOL certification is a secondary credential that is useful for those teaching K-12 in the United States to a large number of non-native English speaking students.

The 120-hour Advanced TESOL Certificate course includes grammar, phonology, and advanced methodology. By the end of this course you will know how to plan lessons using various formats for different ESL levels, and use various approaches within the Communicative Language Teaching method. This program will teach you how to become a reflective teacher and supplement the ESL textbook with authentic material or replace the textbook with original lesson plans.

OnTESOL graduates can complete a separate and optional teaching practice module in the United States.


  • New ESL teachers who want to teach English at language schools in the United States.
  • Public school teachers working with ESL students.
  • Teachers returning to the USA from a gap-year teaching experience abroad, who want the credentials to teach English in the USA.
  • Entry-level teachers going abroad who want the best credentials for a career in the ESL industry.

Advanced TESOL Certification with Optional Practicum

The Advanced 120-hour TESOL Certificate is fully online and graduates can complete a separate and optional 20-hour Teaching Practice module anywhere in the United States.

Option 1: 20-hour TESL Canada-approved Practicum with adults. This module is recommended for those who want the opportunity to observe real ESL classes and get supervised teaching experience with real students to reflect on different teaching methods and practice lesson planning skills.

Option 2: 10-hour International Teaching Practice module with any age. This module is recommended for active ESL teachers, K-12 teachers and volunteer ESL teachers who want to upgrade their credentials for teaching jobs abroad through a series of reflective assignments on the TESOL methods used in their classroom.

Add a Specialist Course to Qualify for More Jobs

The United States offers variety with job opportunities in IELTS Preparation courses, K-12 programs, Business English centers, and online schools. Add a 20-hour specialist for only US$85 when you enroll in the 120-hour TESOL course. Save up to US$640 when you add all four 20-hour specialist courses to your online TESOL course.

Professional Tutor Support

Your tutor will answer your questions, correct your assignments, and provide you with extensive feedback. Our tutors have more than 10 years of experience as teacher trainers in advanced TESOL certification courses such as TESL Canada, Trinity CertTESOL, and CELTA.

Go Further with an Advanced TESOL Certification Course!

This program will prepare you for the best teaching jobs and career advancement opportunities in the United States and abroad. It is academically equivalent Cambridge CELTA, the Trinity CertTESOL, or any standard 4-week TESOL certification course that is offered on-site.