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TESOL Certification United States

TEFL / TESOL Certification Courses in the United States

get certified to teach English abroad and online.

qualify for professional esl teaching jobs in the united states.

OnTESOL is accredited by the Leading U.S. government-recognized agency.

Institutionally Accredited by:

ACCET: Accrediting Council for Continuing Education & Training

U.S. Department of Education
Recognized Agency

Online TEFL/TESOL Recognized by:

TESL Canada Professional Standard 1 & 2

20 Years of Leading TEFL/TESOL Training

Who is OnTESOL For?

Entry-level and experienced online ESL teachers looking to boost their career with professional TEFL / TESOL training from an accredited U.S. institute.

Licensed public K-12 teachers and university professors working with ESL students in the United States or teaching in foreign countries.

Entry-level ESL teachers going abroad who want to learn advanced lesson planning skills to be better prepared for any classroom situation in the world.

ESL teachers returning to the USA from a gap-year experience abroad who need a recognized TEFL / TESOL certification to teach English in the United States.

What Sets Us Apart

Academically Equivalent to UK-based CELTA without the Hefty Tuition: Affordable, flexible, and quality online TESOL / TEFL certification courses with separate Practicum options for OnTESOL graduates who want to upgrade their credentials with supervised teaching experience. 

Skills-based, Practical ESL Teacher Training with Advanced ESL Lesson Planning Lab Assignments: Learn to create professional ESL lesson plans so you are ready to teach any level of student, anywhere in the world. OnTESOL will teach you how to use the most popular Communicative and Task-based lesson planning frameworks in the world.

Self-Paced and Interactive Live Options: OnTESOL offers self-paced and hybrid online TEFL / TESOL certification courses. Features include tutor feedback, pre-recorded videos, live tutorials and workshops, internationally renowned textbook (online/mobile/printable).

Qualify for Better Jobs in More Destinations with an Accredited Institute: Get lifetime job assistance in the top 20 destinations to teach English abroad. Job support includes a list of schools in the United States and unlimited access to our international and online TEFL job board.  

OnTESOL is Accredited in the United States: Earn a TESOL / TEFL certification from a renowned institution in the United States and internationally. OnTESOL is institutionally accredited by ACCET (U.S. Department of Education recognized agency). 

Compare Our TEFL/TESOL Courses

120-hour Advanced TESOL Certificate

Our Most Affordable Online TESOL Certification with Tutor Support

The 120-hour Advanced TESOL Certificate is a self-paced online TESOL course that includes comprehensive training in grammar, phonology, and methodology. By the end of this course you will know how to plan ESL lessons under the umbrella of the Communicative Language Teaching method.

Online course recognized by:
TESL Canada at their Professional Standard 1

  • Self-paced with personal tutor feedback and support
  • Valid for teaching abroad, online and in Canada/USA
  • Learn the ESL lesson planning skills you need to succeed in your career

168-hour Hybrid TEFL Certificate

Our Best TEFL Course for the United States ($320 OFF)

Get all the benefits of an in-class TEFL / TESOL certification from the comfort of your home. Study TEFL / TESOL online at your own pace, attend live workshop-style lectures via Zoom, and earn 3 specialists on teaching young learners, teaching ESL online, and teaching English in foreign countries.

Online course recognized by:
TESL Canada at their Professional Standard 1

  • Includes the self-paced 120-hour Advanced course with personal tutor feedback and support
  • Attend the live 10-hour Lesson Planning Workshop via Zoom for a practical and interactive learning experience with other peers
  • Learn to teach English to young learners, teach English online, and use resources in foreign countries.

Add a Specialist Course

The job market for U.S. certified English teachers is diverse and offers various opportunities in IELTS Preparation courses, K-12 programs, language schools, Business English centers, and online schools.

Add a 20-hour specialist for only US$79 when you enroll in an accredited TEFL / TESOL certification course with OnTESOL.

Recommended online TEFL / TESOL bundle: 168-hour Hybrid TEFL Certificate (US$320 OFF)

20 hour
Teaching English Online

English teacher in a classroom with children

Teaching English to Young Learners

Creative Speaking Activities for the ESL Classroom

Teaching Business English

Students preparing for their IELTS examination


What’s Unique About Our TEFL Courses

Get certified to teach English immersion in the United States, go abroad, or become an online ESL teacher! OnTESOL offers a wide range of advanced and specialist TEFL / TESOL certification courses to help you get started as an ESL teacher or further your teaching career.

  • Lab assignments for learning practical lesson planning skills
  • A wide variety of pre-recorded videos
  • Tutor feedback and support
  • Live grammar and phonology tutorials via Zoom
  • Live lesson planning workshops via Zoom (168-hour course only)
  • Lifetime job assistance and access to the job board
  • Complete a separate and optional Stand-Alone 20-hour Practicum module in the United States or anywhere in the world.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to teach English abroad or online?

The minimum requirement to teach English abroad or online is a bachelor degree in any area and a 120-hour TESOL or TEFL certification from an accredited provider.

Can I Teach English in the United States with a TEFL / TESOL certificate?

Yes! In general, the minimum requirement to teach English at a language institute in the United States is a bachelor degree in any area and a 120-hour TESOL or TEFL certificate from an accredited institute. Depending on location, previous teaching experience or a Practicum component are preferred. The main benefit of choosing OnTESOL for your TEFL or TESOL certification is that you can use the same certificate to go abroad, teach online, or qualify for professional ESL teaching jobs anywhere in the USA!

Can I Teach English in U.S. Public Schools with a TEFL or TESOL Certificate?

The minimum requirement for U.S public school jobs is a K-12 state-issued teaching license and/or M.Ed. The TEFL / TESOL certification is a secondary requirement and highly recommended for K-12 jobs that involve teaching to newcomers.

Do I need to complete a Practicum to get my TESOL/TEFL certification? 

The Practicum is not required to complete your TESOL/TEFL certification with OnTESOL; however, OnTESOL offers separate Practicum modules for graduates looking to upgrade their credentials with supervised teaching practice. The Practicum can be completed anywhere in the United States or internationally.

OnTESOL partnered with ELI, an ACCET-accredited language school based in San Francisco, to offer the Practicum for US$500. Online TEFL/TESOL graduates in other locations are responsible for finding the ESL school for the Practicum. OnTESOL will provide the guidelines, moderate the reports, and issue the final Practicum certification. Experienced ESL teachers may take this module with their employer.

Is TEFL Recognized in the USA?

Not all TEFL courses are the same, so not every course is viewed and recognized by U.S. employers through the same lens. Language institutes in the United States prefer to hire teachers who completed their training with an accredited university or TESOL / TEFL institute such as OnTESOL. The 120-hour Advanced TESOL certificate and the 168-hour Hybrid TEFL Certificate courses offered by OnTESOL are recognized and valid for teaching English in the United States.

Does TEFL / TESOL Accreditation Matter in the United States?

Our ACCET accreditation sets the standards for quality training. The processes and policies that OnTESOL must follow are there to guarantee our trainees receive quality training through practical Lab Assignments, live synchronous options such as the tutorials and workshops via Zoom, professional tutor feedback, and rubric-based assessment.  Get better training and qualify for better jobs in the United States with a TEFL / TESOL certification from an accredited provider.

I have a better understanding of how students learn and feel much better prepared now to teach English in the United States

“I was very pleased with the whole experience. The grammar and phonology modules were great in-depth reviews. The methodology module was an excellent step-by-step guide of how to plan a lesson. I have a better understanding of how students learn and feel much better prepared now to teach English in the United States.

My tutor, Aaron Marques, gave very insightful comments from his personal teaching experience. He was a great tutor, always responded quickly. He really made the program! OnTESOL was a great TESOL certification course that gave me the flexibility to study from home and set my own hours”.

Monika Robertson



Our TEFL / TESOL programs will give you the skills and credentials you need.