TEFL vs TESOL The methodology of TEFL, TESOL, and TESL is the same. Whether you want to teach English abroad or teach in an English immersion program in North America, the Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) method prevails all over the world. Furthermore, there are different approaches that branch off CLT.  The main one is the Communicative Approach, which is commonly used for classes of up to 20 students, as is the case in immersion programs in North America as well as in professionally run language schools all over the world. The Task-Based Learning approach is more commonly used in English for special purpose classes, such as young learners and business English programs.

What to look for in a TEFL, TESOL , TESL course?

The international standards of TEFL, TESOL, TESL methodology were set by TESL Canada Federation, Trinity College London, and the University of Cambridge. The 120-hour course provides a solid foundation in grammar, phonology, and methodology, as well as an in-class teaching practice module with real ESL students. You can also take a 250-hour, 500-hour, or even a Masters degree through an approved course provider.

OnTESOL courses were designed by Coventry House International to offer the using their Trinity CertTESOL syllabus in an online format. All our courses are recognized by TESL Canada.

Why Choose OnTESOL?

The TESOL / TEFL certificate courses offered by OnTESOL go beyond the theory and methodology of teaching English. All our courses are assessed through practical lesson planning assignments that will prepare you to use the Communicative Language Teaching method anywhere in the world.

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FAQ’s: Why Take a TEFL / TESOL Course with OnTESOL?

Can OnTESOL Graduates Take a Practicum After The Online Course?

OnTESOL is one of the only online institutes that offer graduates the option of completing a full Practicum module with real ESL students. In this module, you will get to teach full classes with real students and you will get to create your own lesson plans for each class, so you can see how all the theory that you learn in the online TESOL course applies in the classroom.

Take an advanced TESOL / TEFL course online and complete the practicum anywhere in the world!

What Makes OnTESOL Equivalent to CELTA?

The online portion of the 120-hour course covers all the material included in a 4-week CELTA certification course and the assignments are as advanced. The online portion of the 250-hour course is much more comprehensive than CELTA. The separate Practicum module also meets the same standard of the in-class CELTA course because trainees get to teach full classes with real ESL students and plan lessons for each class.