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TESOL Certification Guide

Choosing the Best TESOL Certification with OnTESOL

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Train to teach English to speakers of other languages (TESOL) with an accredited online TESOL certification institute. OnTESOL is accredited and recognized by the leading Post-Secondary Education and ESL Teacher Training organizations from Canada and the USA.

Learn the teaching methods and lesson planning skills that you need to succeed as an ESL teacher anywhere in the world. All our TESOL courses offer comprehensive training in grammar, phonology, and methodology. What sets OnTESOL apart from other TESOL / TEFL / TESL courses is the advanced lesson planning training, which covers the major communicative and task-based ESL lesson planning frameworks used in classrooms throughout the world.

Below you will find a variety of TEFL and TESOL certification packages with big discounts on specialist courses specifically designed to prepare you for your dream destination and career path.

The 168-hour Hybrid TEFL Certificate is our best TEFL / TESOL certification. This bundle program offers a total of $400 in savings by combining the asynchronous 120-hour Advanced TESOL Certificate course with the live lesson planning workshops offered via Zoom and our most popular specialist courses for teaching English abroad and teaching English online.

TESOL Certification Guide

New to the World Of English Language Teaching?
Read our TESOL Certification Guide: Everything you need to know about types of courses, accreditations, and how to start your career in TESOL.

Recommended TESOL Certification by Career Path:

For Entry-Level and Gap-Year ESL Teachers:

Teaching English to young learners is the largest job market for gap-year and entry-level ESL teachers who go abroad for 1 year. Teach English abroad in public schools and after-school ESL programs. Earn $2,000+/month plus benefits such as paid accommodation, travel, work visa and insurance in programs such EPIK (South Korea), JET (Japan), TFETP (Taiwan). You don’t need a teaching license or Bachelor in Education to get started!

All you need is a BA degree in any area and an accredited TESOL certification of at least 120 hours. The 168-hour Hybrid TEFL Certificate ($400 / $350 OFF) includes additional specialist courses on teaching young learners in foreign countries and the live workshop that is popular with entry-level ESL teachers who are new to lesson planning.


For Licensed K-12 Teachers:

A recognized TEFL / TESOL certification is a valuable credential for licensed K-12 teachers in Canada and the United States who teach to a large group of international students and newcomers. The TEFL / TESOL certification is also an additional requirement for high-paying TEFL jobs in International Schools worldwide or public-school programs in lucrative destinations such as the United Arab Emirates and Hong Kong.

Save $199 / $US150 when you add the 20-hour TEYL specialist to the self-paced 120-hour Advanced TESOL certification course with OnTESOL, or save a total of $400 / $350 with the 168-hour Hybrid TEFL Certificate course, which includes additional specialist courses on teaching young learners and the live workshop that is popular with experienced K-12 teachers who have a background in Education. but are new to ESL lesson planning.

120-hour Advanced TESOL Certificate +
20-hour TEYL Specialist Certificate


168-hour Hybrid TEFL Certificate (Includes TEYL and TEO)

For Online ESL Teachers:

Set your own hours to work full-time or earn extra income. Teaching English online is perfect for university graduate students, stay-at-home parents, semi-retirees, and expats looking for a remote job that allows them to teach and travel the world. A BA degree is not required, but those who have a BA degree and an accredited 120-hour TEFL / TESOL certification qualify for the best paying jobs. Earn between US$15 and $25 as an online ESL teacher.  There are more than 10,000 teaching jobs available with online ESL companies from all around the world!

The 168-hour Hybrid TEFL Certificate ($400 / $350 OFF) is our most comprehensive TEFL / TESOL certification for entry-level ESL teachers and includes an additional specialist course for online ESL teachers.  

120-hour Advanced TESOL Certificate +
20-hour TEO Specialist Certificate


168-hour Hybrid TEFL Certificate (Includes TEYL and TEO)

For Teaching ESL Immersion in Canada or the United States

Canada and the United States have a large industry of private ESL academies that offer ESL immersion classes to international students. The minimum requirement for ESL immersion teaching jobs in the United States is a BA degree in any area and an internationally recognized 120-hour TESOL / TEFL certification.  The minimum requirement for ESL immersion teaching jobs in the Canada is TESL Canada Professional Standard 1, which requires a BA degree in any area and a recognized 120-hour TESOL / TEFL certification with Practicum.

All our online TEFL / TESOL certification courses are valid for teaching jobs in Canada and the United States, and come with the option of completing a separate Practicum module.   

For IELTS Teachers:

IELTS is the largest examination program in the world and offers the best paying and most reputable positions for experienced ESL teachers. Earn up to $50/hour with an accredited TESOL certification as an IELTS examination or preparation teacher.  The 168-hour Hybrid TEFL Certificate is our most comprehensive course for teaching English to advanced adult students.  Save $199 / $US150 when you add the 20-hour Teaching IELTS Specialist to your TESOL certification course with OnTESOL.  

168-hour Hybrid TEFL Certificate +
20-hour Teaching IELTS Specialist Certificate

For Business English Teachers:

In-company, private, and online Business English teaching positions offer lucrative and flexible job opportunities for experienced ESL teachers all around the world. The countries with the most jobs for Business English teachers are South Korea, Japan, Germany, Italy, France, and the Czech Republic. Wages change from country to country but, in general, Business English teachers earn twice as much as General English and after-school ESL teachers.  Get a CELTA-equivalent TESOL or TEFL certification with the self-paced 120-hour Advanced TESOL Certificate or the 168-hour Hybrid TEFL Certificate. Save $199 / $US150 when you add the 20-hour Teaching Business English Course to your TEFL / TESOL certification course with OnTESOL!

120-hour Advanced TESOL Certificate +
20-hour TBEC Specialist Certificate

Recommended TESOL Certification by Country:

Below you will find a list of popular teaching destinations and TESOL certification packages

Online TESOL Certification with Tutor Support

Your personal teacher trainer will answer your questions and provide extensive feedback on your assignments.  The assignments will challenge you to prepare professional lesson plans using Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) methods, so the feedback from your tutor is an invaluable part of the learning process.

TESOL certificate by TESL Canada

The 120-hour Advanced TESOL certificate is academically equivalent to CELTA. This self-paced TESOL certification course is fully online and graduates can complete a separate 20-hour Practicum anywhere in the world in order to qualify for TESL Canada Professional Standard 1 certification. The semi-synchronous 168-hour Hybrid TEFL Certificate (35% OFF) course combines the 120-hour program with the live workshops via Zoom and 3 specialist courses to offer you more training for less!

FAQ: What Will I Learn in a TESOL Certification Course?

If you want to learn more about what a TESOL certificate course is all about, check out our How to Teach English blog to find articles written by our teacher trainers and graduates. Our You Tube channel also has many video tutorials on the most effective TESOL methods.

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