Accredited TESOL Certification Courses for Japan

Teaching English in Japan

Get the best TESOL certification for Japan. Study online with OnTESOL and complete a separate 20-hour Practicum at home or in Japan to gain valuable teaching experience. The Practicum is not required to teach English in Japan, but it provides classroom experience and confidence. Start your TESOL certification course today with OnTESOL!

Your lesson planning skills will be tested on your first job interview because English teachers in Japan are required to write professional lesson plans for every class.

OnTESOL will prepare you for the TESOL job that you want in Japan. All our TESOL / TEFL courses will teach you how to create professional lesson plans using accredited course material, presented in a convenient online format. All courses include access to an experienced tutor, who will answer your questions and correct your work while also adding excellent feedback.