Teaching Business English Certificate (TBEC)

TESOL Courses for Teaching Business EnglishEarn more money teaching Business English classes! In general, Business English teachers earn 30% more than language school teachers. In some countries, Business English teachers earn up to $100/hour.

This 20-hour Teaching Business English Course will prepare you for one-to-one private tutoring, in-company lessons, and Business English programs at major international language schools. This program is fully online and it will teach you how to assess your learners’ needs, how to develop a syllabus based on lesson plans that meet the unique needs of each Business English student, and how to find appropriate material to cover the main aims of a Business English course.

Candidates must have an internationally recognized TESOL certification. Save $199 on the Teaching Business English Course when you register in any of our online TESOL courses.

Teaching a Business English Course Syllabus

The 20-hour Teaching a Business English Course (TBEC) specialist consists of seven (7) modules. The final assignment consists of a 4-hour lesson plan that will train you to develop your own Business English syllabus.

Modes of Assessment

Your understanding of the topics in each module will be assessed through one final assignment. There are also some self-corrected quizzes to review parts of the module, and reflection tasks where you are asked to reflect on the material and readings in the corresponding module. Although quizzes and reflection tasks play an important part in the learning process, they do not count toward the final mark.