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What’s New with OnTESOL in 2023? We Are Celebrating our 20th Anniversary!

This year we are celebrating our 20th anniversary with innovative features, new accreditation, and big discounts on our online TESOL/TEFL courses

Coventry House International started OnTESOL in 2003 to deliver their in-class TESL Canada Standard 1 and Trinity CertTESOL-approved syllabus in a convenient and affordable online format. What started as a single online course with a focus on teaching English to adults in Canada, evolved into a wide range of TEFL / TESOL certification and specialist courses to prepare our graduates for job opportunities internationally and online.

In the summer of 2023, OnTESOL became the first and only Canadian ESL Teacher Training institute to receive institutional accreditation in the United States. ACCET is a US government-recognized agency that sets standards for non-traditional Post-Secondary institutions to offer quality training. In pursuit of our new accreditation, we set higher organizational standards that transformed our E-learning organization with new processes and new first-in-industry interactive features

Why Choose OnTESOL?

Did you know that more than 30% of OnTESOL students completed a previous TEFL / TESOL certification with another provider? So, why are thousands of people taking their ESL Teacher Training course again with OnTESOL?  The main reason is that their initial certification was not valid for ESL teaching jobs in Canada or could not be authenticated for the work visa abroad. The second reason is that their initial TEFL certification was too easy and did not teach them any real practical lesson planning skills.

Once you complete your internationally recognized certification with OnTESOL, you will never need to take another 120-hour TESOL / TEFL / TESL / CELTA course again!  All our online TEFL / TESOL courses are valid for teaching jobs abroad, online, and in Canada or the United States.

Accredited by ACCET (U.S. Department of Education Recognized Agency)
Recognized by TESL Canada and TESL Ontario

What’s Unique About OnTESOL?

All our online TEFL / TESOL courses come with a comprehensive module in grammar, phonology, and methodology, so our graduates are ready to plan lessons and teach English anywhere in the world! While other online TEFL / TESOL course providers assess trainees through easy multiple-choice tests and reflection essays that don’t teach any valuable skills, OnTESOL is unique because our students have to complete detailed ESL lesson plans during practical Lab Assignments. These lesson planning assignments cover the different communicative and task-based frameworks used in ESL classrooms around the world. Every course comes with an experienced personal tutor who provides extensive feedback on lesson planning assignments. On completion of the online TEFL / TESOL certification course, OnTESOL graduates are fully prepared to teach any level of ESL students, anywhere in the world.  

Our syllabus is more than the world-renowned online TEFL / TESOL textbook developed by Coventry House International. Our recent LMS improvements provided OnTESOL with a great capability to analyze data from twenty years of experience teaching advanced ESL lesson planning skills to the world and allowed us to launch new innovative features that are first in the global ESL Teacher Training industry. The newest and most valuable features are:  

LIVE 10-hour Lesson Planning Workshop

  • Improve your focus and motivation: Access a live and interactive learning experience.
  • Increase your marks in the course: See lesson plan examples that work and those that don’t.
  • Participate in practical group activities: Learn and practice with other peers.

OnTESOL’s new 10-hour Lesson Planning Workshop is a series of four live sessions offered via Zoom. The purpose of the live sessions is to teach OnTESOL trainees about the various Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) lesson planning formats used in the ESL classroom in an interactive group learning experience. 

Taught by our most experienced tutors, the 10-hour live workshop offers the interactive learning experience of an in-class course in a convenient online format. The live module is a great opportunity to ask questions and participate in group activities with other peers in preparation for the lesson planning Lab Assignments. 90%+ of OnTESOL trainees who participated in all 4 live workshops completed the TEFL / TESOL certification course. On average, they completed the Lab Assignment in 2.2 weeks after attending the live session!

Add a valuable live experience to your online TEFL / TESOL certification course! The live module is integrated with our new 168-hour Hybrid TEFL Certificate (35% OFF) or can be added for an extra fee to the self-paced 120-hour Advanced TESOL Certificate or the 250-hour TESOL Diploma.

Pre-recorded Lab Videos

If you prefer the self-paced format or cannot attend the live sessions, OnTESOL’s Lab Videos is a series of pre-recorded lessons developed by Claudia Bertotto, our co-founder and Director of Studies, to summarize the teaching methods and ESL lesson planning frameworks that you will need to apply for each Lab Assignment.

The Lab Videos will help you understand how different ESL lesson planning frameworks are used for meeting different curriculum objectives, and will remind you of those parts of a lesson plan where other trainees make common mistakes.

Pre-recorded ESL Lessons

Integrated with class observation assignments, the pre-recorded lessons with real ESL students will show you how the different parts of a lesson plan come alive in the classroom and will help you reflect on the mistakes that new ESL teachers make.

Pre-recorded FAQ Videos

Developed in collaboration with our expert tutors, OnTESOL’s new FAQs Videos answer the most Frequently Asked Questions on grammar, phonology, and methodology topics to help you reflect on the questions that our graduates had previously sent their online tutors for extra guidance.

TEFL Job Board

From your TEFL / TESOL course to the classroom. The new LMS is integrated with the OnTESOL job board so you can apply for ESL teaching jobs all from the same account. OnTESOL does not charge any recruitment fees, monthly fees, or commissions for connecting certified OnTESOL graduates with employers. Our graduates get lifetime access to the job board free of charge.

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Our TEFL / TESOL Certification Discounts for 2023!

168-hour Hybrid TEFL Certificate

Our best offer for 2023 is the 168-hour Hybrid TEFL Certificate:

Save 35% on our newest online TEFL certification course all throughout 2023! This semi-synchronous course combines the self-paced 120-hour online course with the 10-hour live workshops and 3 specialist courses. Get TEFL certified to teach adults and young learners, teach in-class or online, go abroad or qualify for teaching jobs in Canada and the United States!

Upgrade and Save:

75% OFF TEYL, Teaching IELTS, Teaching English Online, and Teaching Business English specialists! Save
on each specialist course when you register with OnTESOL.

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