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TESOL Certification Germany

Our Best TEFL / TESOL Certification Courses for Germany

Get Certified to Teach English in Germany with OnTESOL

TESOL Certification > Germany

Earn Your TEFL / TESOL Certificate Online with a Recognized Provider

Most people start their English teaching career in Germany with a quick online TEFL / TESOL certification course. After a few months into the job, they realize they need more training with a more comprehensive CELTA, Trinity CertTESOL, or TESL Canada course provider. When you complete your advanced training with OnTESOL, you will not need to take another 120-hour TEFL/TESOL/TESL/CELTA certification ever again!

As a recognized TESL Canada course provider, the online courses offered by OnTESOL are academically equivalent to CELTA and Trinity CertTESOL. OnTESOL will teach you how to plan communicative and task-based ESL lessons for any level of student in Germany and internationally. Our online TEFL / TESOL certification courses offer all the training in grammar, phonology, and methodology that you need to become a successful ESL teacher anywhere in the world.

Quality Teacher Training Since 2003

TEFL / TESOL Certification Course Bundles for Germany

Get Ready for More Teaching Jobs in Germany and Save!

OnTESOL offers self-paced and semi-synchronous online options to prepare you for a greater variety of English teaching jobs in Germany.

All our Hybrid and Specialist Bundles Include the Minimum 120-hour TEFL / TESOL Certification Standard: The 120-hour Advanced TESOL certificate offered by OnTESOL provides the same level of training as the CELTA certification course. This self-paced online course will teach you advanced lesson planning skills to prepare you for adult English teaching jobs in Germany and internationally.

Discounted TEYL Specialist for K-12 ESL Teaching Jobs in Germany: There are hundreds of ESL institutes in Germany that offer after-school programs and English immersion curriculum in arts, math, or science. Save US$160 when you add the Teaching English to Young Learners course to your self-paced 120-hour Advanced TESOL certificate course.

35% OFF Interactive Live Course Bundle with TEYL Specialist: The 168-hour Hybrid TEFL Certificate course is a discounted semi-synchronous bundle that combines the self-paced online 120-hour course with the 10-hour Live Lesson Planning Workshop via Zoom, the TEYL specialist, and 2 extra specialists to prepare you for online teaching jobs and using resources in foreign countries. Save US$320 with the 168-hour TEFL bundle!

120-hour Advanced TESOL Certificate

Unique features include:

  • Lab assignments for learning practical lesson planning skills
  • A wide variety of pre-recorded videos
  • Tutor feedback and support
  • Lifetime job assistance and access to the job board
  • Complete a separate and optional Stand-Alone 20-hour Practicum module in Germany or anywhere in the world.

Also Popular in Germany! Save on the 20-hour Business English Specialist Certificate

For High Paying Jobs: ESL teaching companies dedicated to Business English professionals offer the highest paying TEFL jobs in Germany. For this reason, we recommend adding the 20-hour Teaching Business English specialist to your 120-hour or 168-hour TEFL / TESOL certification. This specialist course will prepare you for teaching Business English in corporate settings and to offer one-to-one Business English tutoring. Save 70% on your Teaching Business English course when you register with OnTESOL.

20-hour Teaching Business English Certificate

FAQ: TEFL / TESOL Certification Germany

What are the Minimum Requirements to Teach English in Germany?

For German and EU citizens, the minimum requirement is a 120-hour TEFL / TESL / TESOL certification. The job requirements for non-EU citizens are a BA degree in any area, a minimum of a 120-hour TEFL / TESL / TESOL certification, a passport from a Native English-Speaking country (or proof of IELTS 7+ score) and securing an ESL teaching position within the first 2 months of arriving in Germany on a tourist visa.

Is TEFL / TESOL Online Accepted in Germany?

Yes, online TEFL / TESOL certification courses are accepted in Germany if they are accredited or recognized at the national level in one of the major native English-speaking countries. All our courses are recognized by TESL Canada, which means that you can use your OnTESOL credentials to teach English in Germany, Canada, and anywhere the travel bug takes you!

Do I Need to Complete a Practicum or Can I Apply for TEFL Jobs After the Online Course?

No, you don’t need to complete the Practicum module to qualify for TEFL jobs in Germany. The most important skill you need to get started as an ESL teacher in Germany is the effective use of communicative and task-based ESL lesson planning frameworks. When you master this skill, you will have the capacity to teach all levels of students, with or without an ESL textbook. All the online TEFL / TESOL courses offered by OnTESOL include lesson planning Lab Assignments and the optional live Lesson Planning workshop. OnTESOL graduates can also complete a separate Practicum module anywhere in the world.

Add a Specialist Course! Save Up to US$640 and Become Better Prepared for Different ESL Teaching Jobs in Germany

Add a 20-hour specialist for only US$79 when you enroll in an accredited TEFL / TESOL certification course with OnTESOL.

Recommended online TEFL / TESOL bundle: 168-hour Hybrid TEFL Certificate (US$320 OFF)

20 hour
Teaching English Online

English teacher in a classroom with children

Teaching English to Young Learners

Creative Speaking Activities for the ESL Classroom

Teaching Business English

Students preparing for their IELTS examination



Testimonial – Jacob Feinberg: “I got two job offers in Germany after completing the 120-hour TESOL certification course with OnTESOL. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to teach English in Germany!”


Our accredited TEFL / TESOL programs will give you the skills and knowledge you need.