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Teach English in Ecuador

Teach English in Ecuador

Friendly people, delicious cuisine, and a laid-back lifestyle.

Teaching Abroad in EcuadorWhile Ecuador might not be as popularly known as an ESL hub compared to, say, Argentina or Mexico, it certainly shouldn’t be written off, as it’s quickly becoming a major player in the game. The best thing about teaching English in Ecuador is how easy it is to get adapted to a new culture. Locals will take you under their wing and welcome you in true Ecuadorian style once you’ve become more of a familiar face. Ecuador also has a gem of a landscape characterized by lush jungles and majestic mountains!  It’s a great place for people, young and old, to teach English abroad.

What Are The Requirements to Teach English in Ecuador?

Ecuador is unique in that it allows you to legally enter as a tourist and switch to a working visa with relative ease, provided you find a job first. However, it’s important to note that almost all legitimate positions will require a TESOL certificate and a university degree.

TESOL Jobs in Ecuador

Because of its great reputation and continually growing economy, you can’t waltz into Ecuador and think you’ll be offered a job just because you speak English. Teachers with an accredited TESOL certification will find that there are jobs to be had, especially if you’re committed to sticking around. However, another unique aspect of the ESL teaching experience in Ecuador comes in the form of contracts, or rather, lack thereof. Apart from universities or international schools, your contract is likely to be verbal and last for less than a year. This allows a lot of flexibility for you, but don’t take advantage of this and leave your employer hanging- it’s just not nice. Public schools, private language institutes, universities, and businesses will all be searching for teachers to help their students advance in their respective fields. Many foreigners have also enjoyed living and working here to such an extent that they’ve opened their own language academies. This will certainly make it easier for you, at least when thinking about basic communication advantages, to get an accurate feel for the industry in Ecuador.

Like most places in the world, ESL jobs are more prevalent in larger cities. However, special and unique opportunities exist in smaller places due to Ecuador’s awesomely accepting and workable visa stipulations. This allows you to fly down and make sure that you vibe with a place first without worrying about potential legal action against you for breaking the rules. Positions are posted on popular ESL job forums, as the popularity of going here is growing rapidly, but, like the rest of Latin America, nothing beats putting a face with the name.

Similarly to most ESL jobs in Latin America, your salary will be entirely dependent on your position and particular employer. Experience and qualifications might not get you extra pay directly, but they will allow you to be eligible for more stable, highly desired positions at universities. In general, the average teacher will make around $1000 per month. I’ve heard of folks getting as little as $600 and as high as $1500, so make sure to discuss this with your potential employer from the get-go, just to make sure you’re on the same page. Prices for private lessons can be determined by you, but the average Ecuadorian will not have the funds to pay overly-extravagant rates. However, in many places, having a private English tutor is quite a flashy social status enhancer, so don’t be quick to pass up on offers.