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TESOL Jobs In Costa Rica

TESOL Jobs in Costa Rica

Job Market

Costa Rica is one of the most beautiful countries in the world and enjoys one of the highest standards of living in Latin America. Having abolished the military in 1949, Costa Rica has invested its resources in education and environmental preservation.

All Costa Ricans learn English at public schools. Students from the upper-middle class often attend ESL institutes, most of which are located in San Jose. Costa Rica has free trade agreements with many countries and has many industrial and commercial parks for multinational corporations. Therefore, there are as many ESL institutes offering General English and TEYL courses as organizations that offer ‘in-company’ Business English classes.

As in the rest of Latin America, language schools prefer to hire teachers already established in the country, but companies that hire Business English teachers may be able to secure you a position before you arrive.

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On average, ESL teachers earn US$8 per hour, which is a good wage for the country (Nice one-bedroom apartments start at $400).

Minimum requirements

University Degree
Native Speaker  (Canadian or US accent preferred)
100-hour TESOL Certificate (120-hour TEFL Certificate with TEYL or Business English Specialization is highly recommended).

Where are the Best TESOL Jobs in Costa Rica

Most TESOL jobs are in San Jose, which is just a few hours away from the world’s best beaches, waterfalls, and spring waters. A charter bus will take you and your surf board for under $30!

Cost of Living

The best way to save money in Costa Rica is to live with a roommate and dig in the delicious local food, but you won’t have any problem since people are super friendly and the food is amazing! A two bedroom apartment costs $500 per month and local staples such as coffee, bananas, mangoes, rice, and beans cost pennies to the dollar.