The Best TESOL Certification for Costa Rica!

TESOL certification Costa Rica

OnTESOL has a TESOL Certification package that is perfect for Costa Rica! Save up to $250 for a total of 140 hours of training with two specialist courses! Most teachers in Costa Rica teach in after school programs at language schools or Business English classes in offices throughout the city of San Jose. This package combines the core 100-hour TEFL course with the 20-hour Teaching English to Young Learners and the 20-hour Teaching Business English.

Get Your TESOL Certification for Costa Rica for Under $400!

  • Core TEFL / TESOL Training

    The first 100 hours will teach you everything you need to know about teaching grammar using the Communicative Approach. In this program you will get to create a grammar lesson plan of your choice using the Presentation-Practice-Production format. Knowing how to teach grammar using the Communicative Approach is key for a successful career.

  • 20-hour Teaching English to Young Learners Specialist Course

    The TEYL specialist course will teach you how to analyze a kids textbook, how to use the task-based approach, and how to teach grammar and pronunciation in a way that is fun and engaging. In this program you will get to create a final lesson plan using the task-based approach, so you are ready to stand in front of a classroom full of rowdy kids from day one!

  • 20-hour Teaching Business English

    The 20-hour TBEC course is perfect for those who want to make extra money teaching English abroad. This program will prepare you for lucrative Business English jobs as you will learn to create a syllabus based on lesson plans that meet your students’ needs. Business English students have a good level of English but they need to take extra classes to complete specific tasks at their job. The OnTESOL course will take you thought every stage of designing a Business English syllabus. Use rebate code CostaRicaTEFL to upgrade your credentials and get 50%OFF the teaching Business English course.