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Teach English in Turkey

Teach English in Turkey

There are many reasons to teach English in Turkey, including an established ESL industry that hires Native English Teachers, a rich culture, wonderful cuisine, and paradisaical landscapes with ancient ruins to visit on your time off. Turkey is a magical place for those who teach English for the travelling.

English Teaching Jobs in Turkey

Teaching English Young Learners:

Most entry-level jobs in Turkey involve teaching young learners from elementary to high school. Turkish people typically first encounter English in kindergarten and their early experience tends to be very positive. What is expected in young learner classrooms is a dynamic experience, with children coloring in pictures, singing songs or answering simple questions, and playing games. English is also taught as a key subject in the national education system, starting in the second grade right through high school.

In recent years, language schools have become popular in Turkey because they offer students smaller class sizes that are taught by Native English Teachers (NETs). In terms of salary and quantity of TESOL / TEFL jobs in Turkey, English language schools offer the best options for NETs.

Teaching English to Adults:

Turkish people continue learning English throughout their whole life. As adults they attend language schools for English conversation lessons so they keep practicing their speaking skills. If you are looking for an entry-level teaching job in Turkey, language schools are the best place to start. For those who have previous ESL teaching experience, it is recommended to look for teaching opportunities with IELTS centers and universities.

Salary of an English Teacher in Turkey

English teachers in Turkey earn $1,500 to $2,500 per month and the cost of living is much lower than other European countries. Some schools pay for airfare once a year so teachers can visit their family.

Minimum Requirements for TESOL / TEFL Jobs in Turkey

University degree
Native Speaker
120-hour TESOL Certificate

Teach English in Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul is a fascinating city for teaching English abroad. It has everything a European city by the sea can offer, plus beautiful Middle-Eastern architecture with landmarks that date back to the 1600’s. Istanbul offers such great cultural diversity that it is very popular with young university graduates and mature teachers alike. The demand for ESL teachers is very high in public schools, private language schools and universities.

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Teach English in Ankara, Turkey

Teaching grammar in TurkeyAs the second largest city in Turkey and the nation’s capital, Ankara offers many opportunities for ESL teachers. The city has grown and expanded into a modern metropolis, while still respecting its traditions and history. The many archaeological sites include beautiful ancient, Celtic, Roman, and Turkish landmarks.

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Teach English in Izmir, Turkey

Teach English in Turkey - TESOL IzmirIzmir is a great city for teaching English in Turkey because it offers a great Mediterranean culture, proximity to Turkey’s most beautiful beaches, and a history that dates back 3500 years. Izmir is one of the oldest cities in the Mediterranean basin, and today it plays a significant economic role thanks to its geographical location; the port of Izmir remains as important as in the era of the Ottoman Empire, connecting Turkey and the Middle East with Europe. There are as many job opportunities in public schools, ESL institutes, and universities as in Istanbul and Ankara.

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