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Teach English in Hong Kong

Teaching English in Hong Kong

Earn Up to $70,000/year

TESOL certification with job placementHong Kong provides some of the most lucrative opportunities in the world for ESL teachers! Teach English in Hong Kong as a NET teacher or at private ESL school. Learn more about the best cities to teach in Hong Kong, how to get the job, how to overcome some of the challenges that you will face in the classroom, and the TESOL certification that you need for the job.

Hong Kong City Guide

The largest districts are Victoria and Kowloon, but city boundaries do not really exist in the mega metropolis of Hong Kong! There are thousands of primary schools and language institutes and the demand for qualified teachers never ends.

How to Apply for Jobs

NET Teachers: Apply to teach English with the Education Bureau. Earn up to $70,000 a year as an ESL teacher! Use a recruiter or apply directly through the Hong Kong Education Bureau.

Language Institutes: If you are a newly certified teacher, a language institute is the best option for you. Use a recruiter or apply for TEFL jobs directly. Language institutes post TEFL jobs at Indeed Hong Kong on a daily basis!

What is It Like to Teach English in Hong Kong?

NET teachers face large classes with 30 or more students, so one of the main reasons that primary schools hire native-speakers is to co-teach with a local teacher. Furthermore, most NET teachers have to teach multi-level classes. This is common in public school systems across the world because some students take extra curricular ESL lessons at a language institute or travel to native-speaking countries.

Classes at language institutes are small (5 to 15 students per class) and each class is level specific.

One of the great things about teaching English in Hong Kong is that both private school teachers and NET teachers are provided with everything they need to be successful in the classroom. Every school comes equipped with the latest audio and video technology to use the Communicative Approach to its full extent.

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TESOL Certification for Hong Kong

An advanced TESOL/TEFL certification is recommended for teaching English in Hong Kong. The 250-hour TESOL Diploma offered by OnTESOL is the most comprehensive program in the world and it is very popular with NET candidates who want the best training and credentials to get a lucrative English teaching job in Hong Kong.