Start Teaching Abroad Today and Make A Meaningful Career Change!

Teaching abroad is a great way to travel the world while doing a meaningful job. You can teach abroad for a year or even pursue a successful international career in Education. Thousands of people who start their career abroad continue teaching English in immersion programs at home. Teaching English is not the only option! If you are passionate about Education, there are many opportunities for people who want to become TESOL scholars, school directors, teacher trainers, or book authors.

Make a Difference Teaching Abroad!

Make a difference teaching abroadLearn more about Jasmine’s story, who went to West Papua to teach English to diving instructors from local villages. Her organization helps hundreds of people earn a source of income from tourism instead of retorting to illegal fishing practices such as shark fining and turtle poaching. Read more

Pursue a Lucrative Career!

make money teaching abroadGreg moved to the United Arab Emirates with his family back in 2010. Teaching abroad has provided him with a secure source of income after the US recession brought major cutbacks to the school system. Greg started working as a public school teacher and continued his career in tertiary colleges. Today, Greg is a certified IELTS examiner thanks to the training he received from OnTESOL. Read More

Travel All Over the World!

Teaching abroad and travelingJamie taught English in four different countries! He helped build a school in Uganda, took on a professional teaching job in South Korea, and traveled around Europe before he went to Turkey with the love of his life (Yes! He met her while teaching abroad!). Read More

Country Specific Guide:

Teaching abroad in Argentina


Teach English in Ulsan South Korea and visit Daewangnam Rock

Teaching Abroad in Canada

Teaching Abroad in Chile

Teaching Abroad in China

Teach English in Colombia

Teaching Abroad in Costa Rica

Teaching Abroad in Ecuador

Teaching abroad in Germany

Teaching Abroad in Italy

Teaching Abroad in Japan

Teaching abroad in Hong Kong

Teaching Abroad in Peru

Teaching Abroad in Russia

Teaching Abroad in South Korea

Teaching Abroad in Spain

Teaching Abroad in Thailand

Teaching Abroad in Turkey

Teaching Abroad in the United Arab Emirates

Teaching abroad in Vietnam

The Best Places to Start Teaching Abroad:

The most popular countries for teaching abroad are South Korea, China, Japan, and Thailand because they offer great packages that include work visa, accommodation, and airfare. These benefits allos teachers to return home with a few thousand dollars in their pocket. Another great thing about teaching abroad in East Asia is that you can use a recruiter to apply for jobs from home, so there isn’t the risk factor of moving to another country and not knowing when you will find a job.

Schools in Europe and Latin America are smaller, so they do not have the infrastructure and funds to recruit teachers from all over the world. This means that you have to move to the city where you want to teach, apply for jobs in person, and secure your work visa on your own. Also, most European countries only provide the work visa to those who hold a EU passport, so teaching abroad in Europe is more challenging for US, Canadian, and Australian teachers.

What You Need to Start Teaching Abroad:

  • University Degree

  • TESOL / TEFL Certification

  • Love for Education! Teaching Experience is Not Required!

  • Native-English Speaker or National