Teach Abroad! Make Money and Travel The World as an ESL Teacher

Teach abroad during your gap-year and get paid to travel the world! Teaching abroad is the best opportunity for recent university graduates who want to travel, learn a new language, make a difference in people’s lives, and explore new cultures.

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Teaching Abroad Benefits

  • The average salary of an ESL teacher is $2,000 per month. Many teach abroad programs offer accommodation and airfare, so teachers can save money to travel and pay off their student loans!
  • ESL teachers work 29 hours per week! Get evenings and weekends free to travel, go to events, take classes, do sports, meet new people, or even offer private language lessons to make extra money.
  • Many teach abroad programs offer language classes.

Teaching Abroad Requirements

  • University Degree: Most countries require a 4-year university degree (In any area) to issue the work permit. If you do not have a university degree, contact the embassy of the country where you want to teach for more information about your immigration options.
  • Native Speaker (Most non-native speakers teach in their home country, but non-native speakers may apply for ESL teaching jobs in some countries. Contact the embassy of the country where you want to teach for more information on their work-visa requirements).

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Apply for Teaching Jobs Today

You don’t need to move to the country where you want apply for teaching jobs! Many teach abroad programs accept applications online and interview teachers via Skype or telephone.