We interviewed some of our graduates to ask them what inspired them to teach English abroad and what were some of the challenges they had to overcome.

They told us amazing things about how they had to adapt to a new culture, how they learned to become a better teacher, and how friendly the locals are!

Planning To Teach English Abroad? Government Authentication Required For Your TESOL / TEFL Certification

Teaching English Abroad in Turkey

Teaching English abroad in Turkey“Turkey is a great country to teach English abroad with all its vibrant and charming people.

Teaching adults is really enjoyable and satisfying because I get to see the enthusiasm they have for learning English, which makes me want to give more and do my best to deliver the best learning experience.

Being a foreigner in Turkey is not that difficult because Turkish people are extremely helpful and welcoming. They see a foreigner as their guest, not an intruder.

I am enjoying my experience here and I recommend people who complete the TESOL certification with OnTESOL to teach English in Turkey!” -Abdelalit Wala

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Teaching English Abroad in Hong Kong

Teaching abroad in Hong Kong“Teaching a small class with no more than 10 students sounds like a piece of cake, but I found some difficulties in my first day of the lesson.

Some of the students came from local schools and others were from international schools.

I have to prepare 2 different levels of teaching materials with the same topic beforehand. Time management is a critical issue during the teaching process.

I would divide my students into groups and work out a presentation together through brainstorming, writing, reading, and speaking.

The main purpose of this activity is to let the students with different educational background share their ideas and motivate each other.

Teaching English in Hong Kong has been a great teaching experience because I was able to see that my students’ learning potential is unlimited”. – Karen Li

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Teaching English Abroad in Japan

Teaching English in Japan “I’ve been teaching English in Japan for three years on the JET Programme, and I’m loving every moment of it.

I live in a rural prefecture, where the elderly lady you greet on the street might just show up at your door with a bag of persimmons the next day.

I’ve been approached by strangers who want to get to know me, practice their English, or teach me about Japanese culture.

I’ve been given some unforgettable opportunities to get to know the culture and really integrate myself into the community.

If you spare some time to talk to each of your coworkers, neighbors, etc., you’ll quickly find yourself surrounded by friends who might have been too shy to talk to you first. Oh, and if someone invites you to an event, even if you don’t know what it is, give it a shot!” – Maggie Moor

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