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Teaching English Abroad in Colombia: Lifestyle and Tourism

On average, an ESL teacher working full-time in Colombia will make between $800 and $1500 (tax-free)per month, obviously depending on the school and the individual’s qualifications. Paid overtime is also a common option.

This is more than enough to live a middle-class lifestyle with the opportunity to explore, travel, and treat yourself.

A nice apartment in a major city will run you around $400, but there are plenty of cheaper options available to you, especially if you don’t mind sharing with a friend or co-worker.

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Traveling In Colombia

Whether on weekends or during your several weeks of paid vacation time, Colombia is waiting for you with open arms.

Outside of the beautiful architecture and fascinating museums of the capital, the scenic countryside is home to a never-ending supply of recreational activities to keep you occupied.

A trip to a coffee country should top every coffee drinker’s list.

Plantation cafes offer a scenic repose from city life and allow you to appreciate where your cup o’ joe comes from.

Energized trekking enthusiasts will surely be in awe of the Cocora Valley, a forest in the clouds that allows hikers to reach upwards of 2700 meters.

An extensive coastline also offers tourists a variety of water sport activities in both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.

For a less extreme and more culturally-inclined weekend away, check out Cartagena, Colombia’s second-oldest city.

As a former pillar of Spanish colonialism and gold trading, the architecture featured in this labyrinth of plazas and narrow streets truly gives visitors a sense of the old world.

No matter where you choose to go, getting around Colombia is an experience in its own right, with affordable bus routes taking you on a journey through this multifaceted land.

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