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Teaching Abroad and Traveling in Brazil

There are many types of lifestyles that one can have as an English teacher in Brazil, and the type of job that you take will play a huge role in this.

Salaries for ESL teachers in Brazil are higher than those in a lot of other South American countries.

If you arrive in the country with a bit of saving, spend a modest amount, and work around 25 hours per week, you’ll certainly be able to afford to live comfortably and still travel extensively.

Teaching privates will only increase the flexibility in your work and play schedule.

School teachers can earn around $10 per hour (give or take a few) and privates can run a student closer to $20 per hour. Smaller cities will prove less lucrative, but the cost of living will also be lower.

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Traveling in Brazil as an ESL Teacher

You have over 3 million square miles of amazing Eco-destinations to explore.

Outside of the famed harbor in Rio de Janeiro, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, you have innumerable access points to view the Amazon jungle by foot, car, or air.

The Iguazu Falls are an unmissable natural feature, as well.

For those less keen on strenuous outdoor adventures, getting in touch with the omnipresent samba culture is a uniquely Brazilian activity that will give you the opportunity to form unmatchable relationships and memories with locals.

Once you perfect your skills, jump into the madness of Rio’s Carnival, the ultimate dance, music, and culture festival that takes place just before the Christian fasting period of Lent each year.

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In the North, you have the state of Bahia, where you can walk around the colorful colonial city of Salvador and sit on a patio to watch people play music on the street.

You can stay hours just staring at people and the buildings.

Most beaches in Brazil are very crowded, but the Northern beaches of Pipa and Bahia are perfect for people who want a little space in nature.

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