It is fairly easy to find a good teaching position with the right TESOL certification. The question is whether you should use a recruiter or apply in person. There are hundreds of recruiters waiting to help you find a job in South Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, China, Saudi Arabia, and UAE.

Most of these recruiters are honest, have been in business for over a decade, and do not charge any fees because schools pay them to find qualified teachers for them.

In this article, OnTESOL reviews when you should use a recruiter.

Using a Recruiter

It is highly recommended to use a recruiter if you prefer to secure a job prior to your arrival. It is easy, fast, and free. Reach to Teach Recruiting offers great job opportunities worldwide. Apply now to teach English abroad!

If a recruiter works directly with a government-run institution such as EPIK (South Korea), then you are in good hands. Japanese chains, such as ECC and AEON, offer in-house recruitment services and their staff visits major cities throughout North America, UK, and Australia, looking for qualified teachers.

Make sure to visit their website to find a job fair near you. Large international chains such as Disney English and EF outsource most of their recruitment services to ESL agencies.

Recruiters work for large organizations and some people prefer to teach at a small private school because it’s a different working environment.  Some private schools offer very competitive packages and even subsidize the costs of your TESOL course.

Other schools are located in rural areas and cannot afford a lot of perks, but they offer a very rewarding experience in beautiful and remote places.

You will find that many of these small private schools do not have a website. It does not mean much in terms of quality and reputation since there are cultural and social factors that do not require these schools to publish fancy websites to attract students.

However, it is highly recommended to visit these schools in person to avoid surprises and even scams. This is a great piece of advice for countries where there aren’t any recruiters, like most of Latin America and Europe, and you have to apply to TESOL jobs in person.

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