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3 Reasons to Get Advanced TESOL Certification with OnTESOL

An advanced TESOL certification course is recommended for teachers who want to teach English abroad and be eligible to work anywhere in the world, including native-speaking countries such as Canada, the United States, England, and Australia.

Here are 3 reasons why you should take your TESOL certification with OnTESOL:

1. Top International Accreditation

Our advanced online TESOL certification courses are recognized by TESL Canada, which is the only organization that has set standards for master’s degrees and accredits university programs in Canada.

Whether you want to complete a standard 120-hour TESOL certificate, an advanced TESOL Diploma, or a MA degree in TESOL, TESL Canada is the top accrediting organization in the world.

You can use your TESL Canada accreditation to teach English abroad or in a native-speaking country.

2. CELTA Equivalent Online with Optional Practicum

OnTESOL is one of the few online TESOL course providers that offer CELTA equivalent courses online.

Our TESOL certification graduates can take a separate 20-hour Practicum anywhere in the world.

This module is highly recommended for new teachers who do not have any teaching experience and would like to obtain supervised teaching experience and feedback on their teaching methods.

3. Get TESOL Certification for a Career WorldwideTESOL certification guide for teaching English worldwide

Most institutes offer entry-level TESOL certification for gap-year teachers who just want to teach English abroad to travel and have some fun.

These gap-year jobs pay little and some even require teachers to pay an internship fee.

For teachers planning to teach in the best international programs and have the accreditation necessary to teach at home when they return, an advanced TESOL certificate is recommended.

Where Are OnTESOL Graduates Teaching Today?

The TESOL certification courses offered by OnTESOL have helped thousands of teachers get the best teaching jobs in the world.

We have trained more than 10,000 teachers who have been hired by the top schools and public education programs in the world, including EPIK (South Korea), ADEC (United Arab Emirates), NETs (Hong Kong), Aston English (China), and English First (International).

Many of our graduates are now working as university professors and school directors thanks to the professional training and internationally recognized credentials they received from OnTESOL.

Get your TESOL certification online today! Open enrollment. Find accredited TESOL courses here



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