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Get the best of both worlds with OnTESOL! Take an online TESOL certification course at your own pace and get in-class teaching experience with a supervised teaching practice module.

FAQ – TESOL Certification with Teaching Practice :

  • How Does the Online TESOL Course Compare with an In-Class Course?

    Online TESOL certification with teaching practiceThe advanced online TESOL courses offered by OnTESOL provide the same level of training that is offered in an in-class TESOL certification course such as CELTA or Trinity CertTESOL. You will learn to create lesson plans, use the most effective methods for teaching and evaluating your students, and replace the textbook with material that motivates your students to learn. You will also get to watch real classes via video and complete class observation activities. The only difference is that the Theory and Methodology of TESOL component is fully delivered online, so you will work one-to-one with your personal teacher trainer, who will correct your lesson plans and provide you with feedback.

  • How Does the Teaching Practice Module Work?

    Accredited TESOL Certification with Teaching PracticeThe 20-hour Practicum module consists of 10 hours of class observation and 10 hours of teaching practice. You will get to observe real classes and teach a class with real ESL students (Not other teacher trainees)! This module is optional and can be completed anywhere in the world. If you take this module, you will get a new TESOL certificate with Practicum indicating the topics and level that you taught. You can take the Practicum in Toronto ($350) or find a qualified supervising teacher in an adult ESL program in your area. If you are currently teaching English at a language school, you can take the Practicum there after we approve the supervising teacher. If you do not have access to a supervising teacher, you can go to a community center that offers free classes to adult learners. If you choose to find your own supervising teacher, OnTESOL must approve the Practicum. In this case, we will provide the guidelines and moderate all the lesson plans and reports free of charge, but you will be responsible for arranging a fee or honorarium directly with the teacher.

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