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TESOL Job in Spain

How to Find the Best English Teaching Job in Spain

Spain has one of the largest ESL markets in Europe and finding a TESOL job here is easy if you go to the right city at the right time. There are many cities where you can teach English in Spain and most well-paid jobs are in the private sector. There aren’t any recruitment agencies operating in Spain, so this guide will help you find the job that is right for you and excel in job interviews.

Private Language School Jobs in Spain

Most English teaching jobs in Spain are found at private ESL schools. These are generally small but professionally run schools. Class sizes are between 5 and 15 students, so the environment is prime for using Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) methods. Most ESL schools in Spain close for the month of August and the school year starts in October, so the best time to arrive and apply for jobs is the first week of September.

ESL schools in Spain pay very good wages, but they can’t afford visa processing or recruitment fees. Having an EU passport or the Spanish NIE card is a must, and applying for jobs in person is highly recommended. Many language schools advertise jobs early, so you can apply before you arrive in Spain and get assistance with finding accommodation.

Public Schools Jobs with the Ministry of Education

A job with the MoE is perfect for young university graduates from Canada and the USA who want to work and live abroad for a year in Spain. The MoE provides a monthly grant of 700 Euro plus work visa. The Language and Cultural Assistant position with the MoE involves teaching K-12 English or French at public schools throughout Spain.

Teaching English in Spain – Passing the Job Interview

Your TESOL certification and experience will prove to be very valuable during the interview because the Director of Studies will ask you about your favorite teaching methods, the textbooks you have used and how to overcome difficulties in the classroom. You may even get a request to create an activity or full lesson plan on the spot.

Inquiring about the class and the school’s curriculum during the job application is highly recommended. Not only will you appear more professional, but the information you obtain will allow you to bring a small portfolio with lesson plans to discuss with the Director of Studies during the job interview.