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Teaching English in Valencia

Teaching English in Valencia

Teaching English in ValenciaTeaching English in Valencia is highly recommended for those who want to live in a place where it is always sunny! Valencia is vibrant and livable, with many celebratory festivals, such as ‘La Tomatina’ that will create life-lasting memories. Valencia is also a very cosmopolitan city with many different nationalities flocking here for business and pleasure. Enjoying the waterfront with some excellent wine and food will be you most favorite pass time! Another great thing about teaching English in Valencia is that finding a job is not that difficult. There are many international language schools operating in Valencia, as well as family owned schools.

Teach English in a Livable and Friendly City!

If you are from a big cosmopolitan city and find yourself living in Valencia, you’ll feel right at home. It is common to hear people going back and forth in two or three different languages! The locals are very friendly, but speak their own dialect. Valencia is also a vibrant and youthful city, with a bustling nightlife and home to two notable universities, Universidad Politecnica de Valencia and Universitat de Valencia. It also maintains its youthful and vibrant energy with festivals such as ‘La Tomatina,’ an annual tomato fight, and Les Falles Festival, a giant puppets parade and bong fire. Finally, Valencia is a very affordable city to live and save money teaching English abroad, as a spacious 1 bedroom apartment in the city core ranges between 400 and 600 euro.

Home of the Paella!

If your only reason to teach English in Valencia is to try the delicious paella, then wait no more! Although many cities would like to claim they are the true founders of this well-known dish, Valencia is where the traditional paella originated. For the best taste, head over to the seaside restaurant of La Pepica, which many consider it the paella institution and is known for serving celebrities and artists. For a more affordable but nonetheless delicious experience, try out Casa Roberto.

Where to Teach English in Valencia

For TESOL jobs in Valencia, there are many options to choose from, including Wall Street English, Opening English School, Cambridge School and Berlitz. Some are more internationally recognized than others. Opening English teaches its students grammar through interactive computer programs and the textbook material is very standardized. The lowest pay in Valencia for an entry-level teacher is around 12 euros, whereas some of the more well-renowned schools pay up to 25 Euro an hour. Keep in mind that Valencia is not as expensive to live in as major European and North American cities. There is also the option of offering private lessons. The best option is to post signs at the local university campuses. The going rate for private lessons is 15 euro/hour.