Teaching English to Young Learners - Classroom Participation

TEYL: Teaching English to Children Aged 8-12 Yrs

Children must be allowed to play an active part in the process…
Total Physical Response TPR Teaching English

Part II: Suggestions For L1 Usage in TESOL

In his article, Harbord (1992) recommends that an English-language…
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Ontesol in 2012

2011 has been a great year for ESL teachers. Over 300,000 TESOL…
Teaching Reading Skills Activities

Teaching Writing: Peer Editing

Teaching writing skills can be boring because writing is traditionally…
ESL games bringing games in the ESL class

TESOL: Games in The Classroom

Bringing games into an ESL lesson can be an effective way to…
Teaching Listening Skills ESL

Communicative TESOL: Are You Teaching or Testing Listening Skills?

In the communicative classroom, teaching listening skills should…
Teaching writing skills and teaching speaking skills

TESOL Teaching Skills: Differences Between Speaking and Writing

If you are teaching writing, especially for learners with academic…
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First Language Use in The Classroom

Many ESL instructors implement an “English Only” policy in…
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Save Money, Set Up Your Own Practicum

If you want to save the Practicum fee that most TESOL institutes…
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Is The Practicum Required For TESOL Certification?

The Practicum is a separate module and is not required for OnTESOL's…