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What Are TESL Canada Standards?

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TESL Canada is the leading accrediting TESL organization in Canada and they recognize teacher training courses at three different levels:

Standard 1

Courses that are recognized by TESL Canada at their Professional Standard 1 require a minimum of 120 hours (including Practicum). Courses at this level meet the minimum standard for teaching English in Canada at the entry-level.

Standard 2

TESL Canada Professional Standard 2 consists of advanced TESOL courses with a minimum of 250 hours and a 50-hour Practicum module. Teaching experience or prior TESOL certification is not necessary to pursue this level of accreditation.

The main reasons for pursuing TESL Canada Standard 2 certification are that trainees get more training than with the standard 4-week course. Greater job opportunities in the long term, and the convenience of online education because most advanced 250-hour  programs are offered online.

Why are online courses more popular for Standard 2 certification? It is more convenient to complete an advanced course on a part-time basis. Because trainees are not required to travel and they can continue to work or study something else.

OnTESOL’s 250-hour TESOL Diploma program takes anywhere between two and eight 8 months to complete, so trainees can study at their own pace in order to learn better and meet other commitments.

Those who hold TESL Canada Professional Standard 2 are better positioned when applying for jobs anywhere in the world or when applying to a Master’s program.

Standard 3

TESL Canada Professional Standard 3 is a Masters’s program in Applied Linguistics or TESOL and a Practicum module. There isn’t any other accrediting institution in the world that reaches the level of an MA program! Candidates require to have an advanced TESOL/TEFL qualification and a minimum of 2 years of teaching experience.

What are TESL Canada standards? For more information, visit TESL Canada at tesl.ca

TESL Canada standards certified courses can be completed online!

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