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TEFL Industry Moving Online

Whether you are looking for core TEFL certification or advanced…
Dictation Teaching ESL

Using The Mother Tongue In The English-Language Classroom

In this TESL article, the advantages and disadvantages of L1…
Teaching Listening Skills ESL

TEFL Recruitment in China

OnTESOL  provides free recruitment services in China. Native…
Teaching Listening Skills ESL

Ontesol in 2012

2011 has been a great year for ESL teachers. Over 300,000 TESOL…
Managing class interaction during a class discussion when teaching a large ESL class

Teaching Large ESL Classes: Managing Class Discussions

Sometimes it can be difficult in large ESL classes to get students…
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The Web in the ESL Classroom – Teaching English with Technology

Today, teachers around the world are able to access Internet…
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Group Work in The ESL Classroom

Having students work in groups offers many advantages. Group…
ESL games bringing games in the ESL class

TESOL: Games in The Classroom

Bringing games into an ESL lesson can be an effective way to…
Teaching Listening Skills ESL

Communicative TESOL: Are You Teaching or Testing Listening Skills?

In the communicative classroom, teaching listening skills should…
Teaching Listening Skills ESL

First Language Use in The Classroom

Many ESL instructors implement an “English Only” policy in…