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How to Teach Business English: An Introduction

In some countries, Business English teachers earn up to $100 per hour. Many teachers want to enter this lucrative sector in the TESOL industry, but they don’t because they think that experience in business is required to teach Business English.

The answer is no! You don’t need experience in business to teach Business English! Teaching Business English is about teaching processes and communication skills.

In this article, you will learn about the teaching methods and activities that work best in a Business English class.

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Teaching Business English Methods

The Task-based Learning approach works best in a Business English class.

In short, business professionals need to communicate with co-workers, clients, management, and government officials using English.

Their job requires them to do presentations, submit proposals in writing, write e-mails, attend meetings, or sell products.

Such real-life activities can be mimicked in both a group class and a one-to-one setting.

The advanced TESOL Diploma with Teaching Business English specialist will teach you how to create professional lesson plans using Task-based Learning.

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Yes, but How do I know What My Students Need?

The needs analysis that you do on the first day of class to negotiate the syllabus will help you assess the students’ level and areas for improvement.

Business English Students generally have a good level of English but they struggle with certain industry-related terms and pronunciation.

Grammar is a problem for those who have little contact with native speakers, but business professionals who travel as part of their job requirement often have a good level of grammar.

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Teaching Experience is Recommended

Although you do not need to have any background in business or a specific industrial sector to teach Business English, teaching experience is often preferred because teachers need to design a curriculum that is specific to each business English class.

Advanced lesson planning skills and experience working with different groups of students are required for performing curriculum development tasks.

If you are teaching private Business English lessons on a one-to-one basis, you will need to negotiate the syllabus directly with your student.

Your experience and qualifications will become evident during this part of the process, in which gaining trust from the student is paramount to securing your contract.

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