TESOL Jobs in Japan

Job Market

Apply for TESOL jobs in Japan all year round! Japan is one of the most popular destinations for entry-level ESL teachers. It is very attractive for those who want to experience both Japan’s technological edge and beautiful ancient traditions. This small yet populous nation offers one of the largest and most diverse ESL markets in the world.

How to Find TESOL Jobs in Japan:

Japan is very welcoming of new TESOL graduates, who are placed in Assistant Language teaching (ALT) programs at public schools and Conversational English programs at large chains of ESL schools. You can apply online or attend one of their recruitment events when they visit your city.

Most organizations offer in-house recruitment services, and representatives often travel to North America, the UK, and Australia to host recruitment events.

Japan also has a large number of small, family-owned language schools, which prefer to hire teachers who have already moved to Japan so they can assess them in person. They also prefer to hire experienced teachers with an advanced TESOL certificate or TESOL diploma.


Salary ranges from US$2,000 to $3,500 per month plus accommodation, travel expenses, bonuses, and other benefits.

Minimum requirements

  • Native-speaker preferred at private institutes (The JET Programme accepts teachers from over 40 nations!)
  • University degree
  • 120-hour TESOL certificate