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Paid Teaching Jobs in China

The most populous country and second largest economy in the world has plenty to offer for your TESOL career. Common teacher placements are at: cram schools that offer test preparation programs for public school students; small private language schools; and large international chains such as Disney English, Wall Street Institute, Aston English, Longman Schools, and English First (EF).

It is recommended that new teachers start at one of the major international chains because they are well-established organizations that pay well, pay on time, provide the work permit before the teacher arrives in China, and generally provide benefits such as accommodation and travel allowances. You can apply directly or via a recruitment agency.

Many cram schools and small ESL schools are excellent organizations, but teachers should visit these schools in person before signing any contract.

What Do TESOL Jobs in China Generally Pay?

1- Internships: Just run away from TEFL internship programs! They charge a placement fee of $1000+ and these jobs pay about $300/month.

2- Cram Schools: Try to avoid these types of jobs too. You will earn about 4,000 RMB per month (About $650). These jobs are easy to get, but you will be placed in programs with 50+ students.

3- RECOMMENDED! International Programs: These jobs start at 12,000 RMB per month plus benefits that include airfare allowance, cash bonuses, health

Minimum Job Requirements:

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OnTESOL offers various job assistance services in China. All of them are free!

You can apply through us to teach with EF English First or Aston English. Together, these schools have more than 200 locations in more than 60 Chinese cities!

You can also use our job board to find new openings or access the list of schools from your OnTESOL student account.

Why China is a Top 10 Destination for TESOL Jobs:

Teach English AbroadOne of the main reasons that China has become a popular destination is that it has thousands of well-paid TESOL jobs readily available in different regions. However, the main reason people choose China is because it is a great country to travel!

China is home to large and ever-expanding cities the likes of Beijing, Shanghai, or Guangzhou. You must take a long weekend to visit all of them! The main attraction of China, however, is  not the intimidating skyscrapers. If China becomes your TESOL spot, you cannot miss the astonishing natural wonders and historical sites of the Guilin, Sichuan, Fujian, or Chengdu provinces!