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Teaching English in Beijing

Teaching English in Beijing

Teach English in Beijing - China - Mausoleum of Mao ZedongTeach English in Beijing and earn a top teaching salary while traveling abroad. Experience the old and the new and  find a like-minded community of fellow teachers in this amazing cosmopolitan city that attracts people from all around the world. Whether you want to learn Chinese, attend a university program in China, or just travel, Beijing is the perfect place to teach English abroad.

3 Reasons to Teach English in Beijing

Go Back in Time!

Teach English in Beijing - China - Mausoleum of Mao ZedongMany people enjoy living in and visiting Beijing because of its rich historical past. Some of the top sites include The Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square and the Great Wall of China.

The Forbidden City is a complex with over 9,000 rooms and which is spread over 250 acres. It was built in the 1400’s, but it was burnt down and re-built so most of the current architecture dates back to the Qing Dynasty from the 1800’s.

Tiananmen Square is an important political site, as it contains monuments of revolutionary heroes, the great hall of people, the National Museum of China and the Chairman Mao Zedong Memorial hall. The square was also the site of a major pro-democracy protest in 1989 where Marshall law was declared in China and thousands of civilians were killed by soldiers.

For those who teach English in Beijing and are interested in taking a hike while being surrounded by an iconic historical site, head to the Great Wall. Come prepared with good walking shoes! The wall has 8 sections and is a well preserved site from the Ming Dynasty. This is a must-see!

Great Food!

Take a break from all the site seeing and enjoy authentic Chinese food! The cuisine is a true benefit of teaching English in Beijing! On every street corner you’ll find tiny morsels of Chinese food and the city is host to every provincial dish in the country, so you will not miss out on other regional dishes! If you’re more interested in dining in and making your own Chinese food, this is the best city to partake in home cooking! You will find many local magazines with information on where to take cooking class in Beijing. The Beijinger, TimeOut Magazine and City Weekend Beijing are just a few of the resources available for those who teach English and live in Beijing.

The TESOL Community

Beijing has a large community of expats and TESOL teachers. Most teachers live in the Haidian district near the most prestigious universities. This is also where many of the best Chinese schools are located and where many Chinese parents hire tutors for their children. Another great aspect of the TESOL community in Beijing is the annual conference of the International Association of Chinese Linguistics, which is hosted every coupled of years. It is one of the most renowned conferences for those interested in Chinese linguistics and related studies.

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