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Teaching English in Guangzhou

Teaching English in Guangzhou

Located in the Guangdong Province, Guangzhou (or Canton as it is also known), is the economic, political, intellectual and scientific hub of the province. With close proximity to Hong Kong, this fast growing city is one of the top 3 places to teach English in China for its great city life. Teaching jobs in Guangzhou pay very well and the cost of living is much lower than Shanghai or Beijing, so this is a great city to teach English for recent university graduates who want to save a lot of money to pay their student loans.

Things to Do While Teaching English in Guangzhou:

Spend Time in Nature

Known as the “city of flowers,” those who teach English in Guangzhou have said it’s their favorite city to live in China. The subtropical climate gives way to blooming flowers all year round and very favorable living conditions. Many who teach English in Guangzhou love to get slightly out of the city and enjoy a day of relaxing at White Cloud Mountain. Enjoy a vista of white ethereal clouds and ‘pearl sea,’ as many locals describe it. Another great thing to do after a long day of work is take a stroll along the river or visit the Yuntai Garden.

Learn the History

To adapt easier to life in Guangzhou, head to the Guangzhou Museum, which houses the Zenhai Tower, which dates back to the 1300s and actually acted as a sea watch tower, and the Art Gallery. Here you’ll gain a great understanding of the many dynasties that ruled China. The Art Gallery has many pieces reflecting cultural relics and handicrafts from the late 1800s, such as the era of the Silk Road. Many who teach English in Guangzhou find that museums provide rich and important information which helps them to understand the culture and adapt faster to life in China.

Dine Out!

Enjoy the best Dim Sum in the world! It is known that “all delicious food is in Guangzhou”. Cantonese cuisine uses little spice or sauce so as not to mask the flavor of the food. This style of food is known to be very pleasing to the eyes as well, as presentation is a key part of its preparation. For a lively and well-frequented place, be sure to head to Shangxia Jiu Lu.

Join The Expat Community

Overall, many who teach English in Guangzhou never want to leave! The expat community is tighter compared to Shenghai and Beijing. With organizations like Internations and Guangzhou International Women’s Club that organize events and outings regularly, it is easy to find the right community for you!

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