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Teaching English in Chengdu

Teaching English in Chengdu

Teach English in China - Panda Breeding Research Center ChengduAmong many things, Chengdu is known for its delicious cuisine, laid back vibe and, of course, the panda bears! If the buzzing city does not resonate with you, come teach English in Chengdu! The city dates back to the 4th century BC, and much of the architectural style and urban infrastructure remains in place. If you want to experience life in a traditional Chinese city, then come to Chengdu! There are plenty of job opportunities and the cost of living is very low, so Chengdu is a great city to teach English and save money to travel.

Experience Traditional China Teaching English in Chengdu!

Find Peace

The laid back and relaxed vibe can be felt all over the city, but the most serene place is the Qingyang temple, where Taoist monks come to this temple to test into the order. This temple is a great place for anyone who wants to feel at peace with the spirit that lives here. Another relaxing spot is the People’s Park, where you can enjoy a nice cup of tea with a friend or a good book!

How About A good Cup of Tea?

Many who teach English in Chengdu and have adapted to the laid back culture of this great city, find a traditional Chinese tea to be the most relaxing thing to do after a long work week. For a less flashy but ancient (200 years to be exact) tea house, head to the Ancient Chinese Tea House. To see some of the best Sichuan Opera, check out the Sichuan Opera Teahouse.

Visit the Panda Bears!

To enjoy a fun and quick weekend trip, go six miles outside of the city to the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding. Here you will appreciate how well these precious animals are taken care of, get a chance to snap a few shots of the majestic bear and to see them in their natural habitat.

Ancient Chinese Towns

Teaching English in Chengdu is the best option for those who are fascinated by Chinese ancient history and culture. There are many ancient towns to take a short weekend trip. For a romantic and relaxing setting, head to Liujiang Ancient town. For a town that offers more action, head to Jiezi Ancient town and take a quick hike up Tianguo Mountain to see Dragon Temple.

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