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Teach English in China with IEduKids

A Unique Opportunity to Teach Young Learners in China

IEduKids offers you a unique opportunity to teach young learners from 3-6 years old in small class sizes of 4-6 students. The lesson length is 2 classes of 45 minutes with a break between lessons. Teachers are expected to support the teaching assistant to prepare for class, evaluate previous lessons, discuss student progress and help our dedicated product development team who design our curriculum so that you can formulate your lesson plan accordingly. We have locations in three departments in Shenzen:  Nanshan, Futian, and Shekou.

Teach English in China with IEduKids


  • IEduKids is owned by a Tech mogul with a keen interest in education 
  • Local teaching assistants for each class 
  • Shenzhen is a vibrant city with Hong Kong and Macau right next door!
  • Shenzen has the most international schools and is home to all the major tech companies. 
  • Our dedicated Human Resources department will help you to find an apartment near our centre. 
  • Hong Kong is 15 minutes away by taxi! 
  • A healthy selection of international food and food stuffs at local markets to chose from. 


  • Dedicated TA for each class 
  • 15,000 to 20,000 CNY after tax. Pay raises offered based on performance
  • Demo class commission of 700 CNY 
  • Support finding an apartment and  3,000 CNY rent reimbursement
  • Career development
  • Dedicated team that makes our lesson content and curriculum
  • A supportive administrative team 
  • Flight reimbursement of 10,000 CNY
  • Small class sizes
  • 2 days off per week
  • Room to grow 
  • Flexible teaching approach wherein we value teacher feedback 
  • Flexible work hours with a 1 or 2 hour lunch break  
  • Sponsored work visa
  • Medical insurance


  • Bachelor Degree or higher
  • 120-hour Advanced TESOL Certificate.
  • Native speaker from Canada, USA, UK, Ireland, or Australia.
  • Experience teaching ESL is not mandatory
  • 42 years old or younger
  • Patient, open-minded and must have a passion for teaching children