How To Find the Right English Teaching Job in China

You completed your TEFL certification course and you are now looking for the right English teaching job in China. Below you will find a You Tube video on getting a teaching job in China, information on the job market, and sample job ads.

Private ESL Schools – Teaching English in China

Private ESL schools are becoming more popular in China as the standard of living continues to improve. International and Chinese national chains of ESL schools play an important role in raising the English language proficiency in China. With classes of 10 to 18 students, a well-defined curriculum for each level, and the availability of technologies and varied resources, ESL teachers can use Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) methods to their full potential.

The largest market for private English instruction consists of after-school programs for elementary and primary students; therefore, a 120-hour TEFL certificate with TEYL specialization is highly recommended. The market for TEYL lessons is so large that many private organizations specialize in Teaching English to Young Learners. EF English First is one of the largest language institutes in China and OnTESOL will help you apply for jobs with EF. Another large language school is Disney English, which specializes in TEYL lessons.

High-school students and business people also attend private ESL school programs.

Cram Schools – Teaching English in China

Cram schools are popular in many East Asian countries. In China, cram schools are responsible for preparing over 9 million students every year to pass the gaokao, China’s National College Entrance Exam. The curriculum is intensive and teachers face large classes with 50+ students, many of whom have different levels of English language proficiency. Teaching experience is highly recommended.

Public Schools – Teaching English in China

China achieved universal education in 2011 when primary school enrollment reached 99%. English teaching jobs are available throughout China, but there is a great demand for ESL teachers in rural areas. Native-speakers are often hired to teach speaking skills alone and this becomes a difficult task when students have poor English language proficiency. As with cram schools, teachers will face large classes and they are provided with few resources. ESL teachers cannot play a significant role in the overall development of their students’ language skills under such pedagogy.

Universities – Teaching English In China

ESL teachers with as little as 4 years of teaching experience can apply for a university teaching post in China. The main advantages of teaching English at the university level are obviously the salary and the reputation. Furthermore, students are generally proficient in the English language so it is easier for teachers to prepare lessons. Teachers also enjoy many freedoms and they can develop their own curriculum. But the downside of hiring teachers with little experience is that few of them are able to deliver dynamic and effective lessons. The 250-hour TESOL Diploma is recommended for university ESL teachers in China.

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