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TESOL Germany

TESOL Jobs in Germany

Job Market

TESOL certification GermanyAs Europe’s economic engine, Germany offers best TESOL jobs in the old continent. Many of the world’s largest multinational corporations have substantial operations in Germany, where workers come from across the European Union. Business English lessons are in high demand in and around these commercial parks where businesses are situated.

TEYL is also a large market, as many public schools offer their curriculum in English and plenty of ESL institutes have spread throughout the country.

Germany is one of the top destinations for non-EU teachers from North America and Australia, as it is one of the few countries that provides work permits to those who have already obtained a job. Many non-EU teachers go to Germany as tourists, apply for jobs, and then apply for the work permit.


TESOL jobs in Germany with OnTESOLAlthough taxes are high for freelance teachers, wages are the highest in all of the EU. It is common for new teachers to earn 20 euros per hour.

Business English teachers earn between 30 and 40 euros per hour.

Minimum requirements

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