As the weeks slowly went by and I was starting to get more and more nervous about my visa, I finally received an answer from one of the schools I have applied to. The name of the school was Sprachkunst in Luisenhof. It was located right in the middle of my city in a beautiful little square right next to an outdoor Greek restaurant.

Freelance Contract – Teaching English in Germany

Sprachkunst literally means “Language Art”. The owner believes that one learns art with the same section of their brain as they do a language.

At the interview, the owner explained that I would be responsible for going outside the ordinary language school teaching style and introduce my native tongue using art as my medium.

Being that I take pictures and play music we decided that this would be a perfect position for me. I signed a contract and was from then on a freelance English teacher in Bochum, Germany. As a freelance teacher, I was then able to submit all the required paperwork to receive my work permit.

I was lucky enough that my girlfriend had moved to Germany and not another European country, because as I found, later on, Germany is one of the few countries that provide work permits to North Americans who want to teach English.

TESOL Certification – TESOL Germany

The TESOL certification course I completed certainly opened many doors for me in Germany, so I’m very grateful for the level of training and professionalism I received from OnTESOL. Click on TESOL jobs in Germany to learn more about the conditions and requirements.

Take a TESOL course with OnTESOL and get certified to teach English in Germany! Germany has large TEYL and Business English job markets. For this reason, we recommend completing the 120-hour TESOL Certificate course with your choice of TEYL or TBEC.

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