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Free University Degree! Another Great Reason to Move to Germany

Do you want to study at a world-class university for free?

Germany has opened the doors for American and Canadian students who want to get a university degree.

Now you can get your university degree in Germany for the same price that German citizens pay: 500 Euro a year!

According to US Uncut, more than 90,000 American students are now studying for virtually nothing in Germany!

Why pay $40,000 for a university degree and get deep into debt when you can study abroad and have a great job waiting for you after graduation?

Get Highly Paid Jobs in Germany

Germany has tons of jobs waiting for university graduates.

Their economy is thriving and their population is aging, so they are hoping that you will want to stay after completing your degree.

And, why not? Germany is the best place for young university graduates because they are at the leading edge of innovation in every sector and the pay is amazing.

Teach English to Pay Your Living Expenses

English teachers in Germany earn 17-25 Euro an hour. This is a great salary for an entry-level job in Germany.

As a freelance teacher, you will even be able to choose your hours, which is great for students!

Every city has a thriving ESL market so you can teach English anywhere in Germany.

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Teaching English in Germany is really the best way to pay your living expenses because the job is fairly easy and you do not need a lot of training.

There aren’t strict certification requirements, so you can teach English in Germany with a 120-hour TEFL certificate.

You can get an accredited TEFL certificate course online with OnTESOL for under $300! The OnTESOL course will give you core training in grammar, phonology, teaching methods, and lesson planning.

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Cheap world-class education, lots of jobs, and great wages, what else could you ask for?

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