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Teaching English in Germany: Make Extra Money Teaching One-to-One!

The best way to make good money teaching English in Germany is to offer private one-to-one lessons on the side.

Teaching at a language school will pay your living expenses, but you can make an extra 1000 to 2000 euro a month teaching English one-to-one.

This article will give you some tips to help you prepare for your classes.

-Get certified to teach English in Germany with an accredited TESOL certificate course

Getting Ready to Teach English One-to-One in Germany

Although there aren’t any requirements for teaching English one-to-one in Germany, it is recommended to have some teaching experience first.

The dynamics that take place in a classroom can also be applied in a one-to-one setting. Students need to learn grammar and vocabulary, but they also need to learn how to communicate.

For this reason, having practiced the Communicative Approach in a classroom setting will become invaluable when teaching English one-to-one.

Most TESOL activities can be easily adapted and it is easier for new teachers to see how the dynamics work in the classroom.

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Your One-to-One Students

Your one-to-one students will have very different needs.

Some of your students will be kids who need to do better in school, others will be high school students who need to prepare for the IELTS exam, and others need Business English lessons.

The TESOL certification and the TEYL and TBEC modules I completed with OnTESOL prepared me for any classroom situation.

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Collaborating with Other Teachers

I found that I got more jobs after I started collaborating with the teachers at my school.

There are so many one-to-one opportunities that sometimes teachers need to say no.

Another benefit of collaborating with teachers is that you can share material for your classes.

A community with other teachers will save you lots of time and provide you with a support system that will become a great asset when teaching English in Germany.

Watch the following video tutorial on teaching one-to-one:

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