It was October of 2010 when I sold my car, quit my job, and bought my plane ticket. It came to a point in my life where I just had to simply “do it”. On November 16th I flew into Frankfurt, Germany, and headed east to Kassel where my girlfriend lived.

I had little money ( I refused to touch the money I got for my car in case something happened) and no idea where I was going to get a TESOL job in Germany. I knew I made a huge decision and I needed to make it work.

First Week in Germany – TEFL Germany

The first week was wonderful. It was the first time I been out of America. Getting a TEFL job in Germany was a completely new experience for me. The people, the atmosphere, and the new food were a total shock to me. It was very cold, I will say that.

Europe in the winter is hell, to say the least. It was always gray and there was snow constantly coming down. Luckily, I adjusted well to the weather.

After the first week was over and my girlfriend and I realized that we needed to start getting the ball rolling with my visa, we took a trip to the Auslaenderbehoerde (immigration office).

It was a total disaster. We both left almost in tears and with absolutely no hope of being able to stay together in Germany.

Work Visa – TEFL Germany

Basically, the man said, in German of course, that I needed to obtain a full-time job which provided a said amount of money plus certain insurance coverage.

He literally stated that staying here in Germany was not a possibility with the amount of education I have (I am still working on my degree). Another option would be to get a freelance artist visa or teach English.

We never really had thought about teaching English.

It had never crossed my mind since well, I have no experience whatsoever. We walked home that day beat up and broken from the news we just received. It was a rough time and I had no choice. I decided to start my teaching career and make it work.

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