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TESOL Germany: Job Hunting Without TESOL Certification

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Germany: Job Hunting

When I first started my search for a TESOL job in Germany, I began to search online for different language schools in the area. I applied to school after school and received little feedback. Shortly after, my girlfriend got a job in another city called Bochum.

So we had to move there, which was good seeing that nothing had come up for me in Kassel.

Applying for Jobs – TESOL Germany

The entire month before we moved, I applied to over 35 language schools, high schools, elementary schools, etc. Anyone that offered English received a cover letter from me. In my cover letter, I basically stressed my individual skills. I focused on the type of person I am and what I have done for my community rather than what I have studied.

Every few days I would receive a message that would turn me down or explain that they could have me help out in class but they couldn’t pay me. I visited several schools and hoped that my efforts to help their students for free would be rewarded in the long run.

I met a lot of new people and learned how the schools are set up and were able to experience life as a student in Germany. It was fascinating to see how advanced these students. It is were as opposed to where I was when I was their age in school. I assisted in class and prepared presentations on life in America and what I liked to do.

The kids really enjoyed it. Still, I had no job and no visa. My time was quickly running out. It was past the new year and I had almost a month until my tourist visa expired.

My First Interviews

Then I started getting interviews at schools. One interview I went to was a total disaster. They said they couldn’t hire me to teach English because my German wasn’t good enough. Another job canceled because they found out I am not a part of the European Union nor have a work permit.

Teaching English is something that could not be done by everyone. So getting the right qualifications and obtaining a work permit is essential. It is really essential if you are planning to teach English in Germany. In the next blogs, I will explain how to obtain the necessary credentials for Germany.

I was not able to get a regular teaching position. The positive side of my experience was that I obtained real teaching experience through volunteer positions and prospective employers place a high value on this. Volunteering is also a very good way to find out if teaching is right for you before you invest a lot of time and money in a TESOL certification course.

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