Unfortunately, one TEFL Germany freelance job is not enough to get your visa where I am located. I was told that I would be responsible for obtaining one more line of work, so I looked for business English jobs in Bochum since these are the best-paid jobs in the city.

Luckily I received an interview quickly. The administration was pleased with me and decided to write me the necessary letter I needed to provide the Immigration office.

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Next came the insurance part of a TEFL Germany freelance career. Insurance is a difficult thing to deal with, especially when you are on a freelance basis. The best way to do it is to decide what is important to you and then tell someone. Go with a broker.

They don’t charge you because they are getting their money from the insurance companies. I went with Pacific Prime. They hooked me up with plenty of options. I could decide what was too much and what was just right.

Never think you are safe from needing insurance. I arrived here in November and to this day am still recovering from a bacterial infection I received two weeks after my arrival.

I have never needed to use my insurance farther than a regular check up’s. Right now I pay about 146 a month in Euro which is not too bad.

Applying for the Visa

After I figured out my insurance I was ready to go in and turn my paperwork in, thinking I would be walking out with the visa right then and there.

Apparently, the Immigration office has to turn in your stuff to another organization and get it approved. A couple of weeks later I received a request to write a letter and send it in.

The letter had to say why I was beneficial to the city. I had to say why I was an absolute necessity to the Bochum area in order for them to progress industrially or economically.

I sent in my letter and I waited until finally, three days before I was officially supposed to be gone, I received my visa. It was a wonderful day. After three long and stressful months, I had somehow made it work.

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