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Teaching English in Munich

Teaching English in Munich

Teach English in Munich - TESOL GermanyWhy teach English in Munich? The city has an industrious culture that seeks innovation and freedom. As a teacher, it is the best place to set your own curriculum and work out your own schedule. As an expat, Munich will offer you opportunities to explore the fascinating urban amenities and move quickly and easily without a car!

English teaching jobs in Munich pay well and are easy to get, especially if you are a US or Canadian citizen. Many people come to Munich to complete their university degree at a fraction of the cost in North America, and they teach English to make a good living in the meantime.

Tips for Teaching English in Munich

Getting Around Munich

If you come to teach English to Munich,  you will find a city that is easy to get around and offers many modes of transportation. Public transit is extensive and offers many fare options, whether it’s a monthly pass to use for work, a daily pass to see exhibits and tourist destinations or a single ride ticket. If you want to be above ground, consider buying a bike. Many who teach English in Munich love to spend their Saturday touring around on bike through the Altstadt, Munich’s historical city centre. Be warned: you cannot bring a bicycle on the tram during rush hour! Munich is a beautiful place to teach English because of its big city, small town feel, so enjoy all the charm and diversity it has to offer!

Finding Accommodation in Munich

Like many major cities, finding an apartment in Munich is no easy task as demand outstrips supply. That being said, many ESL teachers in Munich have tapped into the local resources and have been successful in finding comfortable apartments at a fair cost. Seek out the local newspaper classified section or subscribe to a rental website such as The Local, also has an app you can download to your phone. The final option is to seek out a rental agency that can help you with your search. If you do go with an agent, expect to pay a fee once securing an apartment.  Many young expats flock to Schwabing, the bohemian, artsy and student-friendly area of Munich. That being said, the accommodations are more expensive in this area. Be aware of how much you’ll be earning, especially if you are a freelance teacher to begin with. There are many areas in the Bogenhausen area that offer affordable accommodation and if you’re really struggling to find a place, consider living slightly outside the city centre. Many Germans share a flat with roommates, which cuts down on costs so consider this to be your best option.

Having Fun in Munich

Munich is the city of festivals and there are a few that are must-sees, especially if you are a music lover. In mid-July, check out Classical Music on Odeonsplatz, an annual open-air classical music festival. Even if you aren’t a classical music person, there is something truly special in the air being in the country where the origins of classical music took root.

Another great festival is the Tollwood Festival, which is hosted twice a year, once in the summer and once in the winter. Started in 2015 by As Nature Made Them Action Group, this festival seeks to educate about the harmful practices of industrial farming. It does this by wining and dining its attendees with tasty organic, ‘slow-food’ fare.

Last, it is a given that Oktoberfest is not to be missed if you teach English in Munich! From mid-September to the beginning of October, Munich hosts the world’s biggest beer festival. It is a chaotic, yet festive time as people from all over the world fill the city!

The TESOL Comunity in Munich

There are thousands of expats teaching English in Munich! If you want to meet other teachers and pursue professional development courses, make sure to check out Munich English Language Teachers Association (MELTA).

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